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Real estate transfers

Real estate transfers filed in the office of Register of John Brindle for the first half of September. Sale price indicated by revenue stamps. Deeds with no stamps are not listed.

Atwell Township

Tarik L. Williams and wife to Gabriel Allen Beaver and wife, $31,500

Charles W. Harrington, Sr. and wife to Zachary M. Horton, $90,000

Richard E. McGuire and wife to Don Mitchell Beatty, $35,000

James Wesley Teeter and wife to Billy Frank Trull an wife, $157,000

John C. Squires and wife to Charles Bormann and Sharon Bormann, $430,000

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., $39,000

Allen W. Jackson and wife to Adam Garvey and wife, $195,000

First Troy SPE, LLC to Capital River, LLC, $11,000

Mark Needham to Angela Hoyle, $36,000

Ronald H. Walston and wife and others to Mark S. Tootle and wife, $288,000
China Grove Township

The Bank of New York Mellon as successor trustee to Southern Specialty Properties, LLC, $20,000

Henry P. Neely as trustee to the Department of Transportation, $1,000

Nesta, LLC to America’s Top Auto, Inc., $120,000

Thomas Newcomb to George E. Orr and wife, $78,000

Christine E. Little to Coty J. Phelps, $134,000

John F. Harris and wife to Phillip Randall Lee and Gayle Love Lee, $405,000

Michael R. Safrit and wife to Amanda B. Safrit, $126,500

Diane W. Reardon to Cathy Harrison Rose, $77,000

Timothy F. Vaughn and wife to Michael J. Sprenger and wife, $320,000

Joshua W. Ivy and wife to Tyrus P. Gillen and Eden S. Lipe, $121,000

Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., $45,500

Rodney Hammond and spouse to Chatman Laxton and spouse, $94,000

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N. A. to Rabon Properties, LLC, $49,000

Christina L. Sinclair to Amy F. Simpson, $122,000

True Homes, LLC to Jacob Duke Hardy and spouse, $166,000

Thomas Jeremy Dowd and wife to Debra B. Walter, $215,000

Francis K. Braswell and husband and others to the Department of Transportation, $1,500

Habitat for Humanity of Rowan County, North Carolina, Inc. to Kelly D. Moss, $100,000

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to Violet Craven Holdings, LLC, $74,000

Cynthia Renee Miller Simmons and husband and others to Kevin S. Moss and wife, $109,000

Susan Abbate to Veronica Wallace, $125,000

Oi Fung Cheng to Susan Abbate, $125,000

Wanda Allman Howard and husband to Matthew John-Robert Biles and wife, $110,000

The Larry W. Page Family Limited Partnership to Terry Setz, $175,000

West Ryder Property, Inc. to Home Run Market Properties, 3, LLC,$1,200,000

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Khanthaly Boulommavong, $55,000

Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., $133,500

Wayne E. Hill to Jessica Danelle Eller, $65,000

Terry O. Basinger to the Department of Transportation, $18,000

Jerry L. Barringer and wife to the Department of Transportation, $1,000

Timothy Craig Lambert and wife to Patti L. Juda, $43,000

U.S. Bank Trust as trustee to Michael Karmatz, $30,000

Geraldine Hodge and husband and others to Lauren Young and Joseph Morrison, $80,000

Tera H. Carter and husband to the Department of Transportation, $20,000

Shirley B. Miller to Michael Franklin Benfield, $40,000

George T. Crowder to Land Equity, LLC, $3,500

Donald R. Lewis and wife to America’s Top Auto, Inc., $65,000

Christopher L. Morris to Lori Krimminger Shoe, $97,000

Carl E. Sloop, III as trustee to Bruce M. Baysinger and wife, $195,000

Equity Trust Company and Equity Trust Company to Ashley Nelson, $72,500

Cleveland Township
Catherine Jean Minor to Caleb B. Waycaster and wife, $83,500

Franklin Township

U.S. Bank, N.A. as trustee to Southern Specialty Properties, LLC, $27,500

William R. Gary and wife to Craig Hampton Robson and wife, $275,000

Chad M. Vriesema and wife to Craig Hampton Robson and wife, $48,000

Sanda L. Stubbins to Kylene Schuckers and husband, $154,000

Lauren Wicker Hoben and husband to John Patrick Hoben and wife, $204,000

Ronnie W. Rogers to Alvin Merritt, $69,000

Poore Substitute Trustee, LTD to First Bank, $93,000

Bank of America, N.A. to Ataur R. Raja and Sofia Raja, $14,000

Gregory A. Eaves and wife to Nedra H. Chapman as trustee, $154,500

Resi Reo sub, LLC by attorney-in-fact to CR Properties 2015, LLC, $16,500

Patrick J. McLean and wife to William J. Wingate and wife, $180,000

Gold Hill Township

Matt Corl and wife to Joseph A. Threatte and wife, $107,000

Nathan S. Adams and wife to the Department of Transportation, $1,000

Peggy R. Adams by and through attorney-in-fact to the Department of Transportation, $1,500

Park Sterling Bank to Edgar Gallegos-Velazquez, $96,500

Irving E. Shafer, III and wife and others to Joseph M. Lowe and wife, $72,000

Jean M. Medinger to Candice D. Johnson, $60,000

Andrew Benson Christenbury, Sr. and Charles Anthony Strickland, $52,000

Kenneth R. Scercy and Ellen Scercy to Gary Fish and Marilyn Fish, $115,000

Wallace B. Kingston, Jr. and wife to Robald L. McGowan and wife, $20,000

Sharon B. Sapp and husband and others to Rockwell Farms, Inc., $140,000

Charles Bruce Sapp and wife to Rockwell Farms, Inc., $235,500

Dennis J. Sellers and wife to Jordan L. Osborne, $100,000

Wesley B. Pickler to Paul S. Lutz and wife, $224,000

Alfred Dwayne Ridenhour and wife to Billy Edward Wehunt and wife, $131,000

Litaker Township

Linda Louise Davis Borders by and through attorney-in-fact and others to Jack Sartain, $49,000

Jeffrey Thomas Landry and others to Frank Anthony Kaiser, $67,500

Tommy Simmons and others to Laurel Roberts, $87,500

Gregory Oldham and wife to Derek L. Addison and wife, $160,000

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Marbella Moreno Mondragon, $31,500
Jacquelin A. Ashby to David Duane Holt, $6,500

Timothy G. Womble and Sonia S. Womble to Shawn Rauch and Renay Rauch, $24,500

Michael L. Stirewalt and wife to the Department of Transportation, $2,500

Michael J. Walker and wife to Adam B. Yoe and wife, $122,500

Michael Jones and wife to Steven Kelly Marshall and Makenzie Blairr Laws, $62,000

Ver Len Acres, LLC and James S. Saxon and wife to Susan E. Saxon and husband, $240,000

New Life Developers, LLC to Jerry M. Huffman, $64,000

Donald Ray Morton and wife to D. Christopher Cable and wife, $255,500

Spencer Lane Construction, LLC to John T. Bedzyk and wife, $200,500

Shea Real Estate Investments, LLC to Daniel L. Mertens and Terri M. Ramirez, $360,500

Amanda J. Hebert to Scott Charles Logue and wife, $255,500

Shea Real Estate Investments, LLC to Jeffrey D. Olivia and Julie Olivia, $390,000

Oscar Vazquez and wife to James W. Fabre, II and wife, $111,000

Ken Kellis Builders, Inc. to Daniel W. Scott and wife, $228,000

Gene Richard O’Kelly and wife and others to Michael W. Wirz, $63,000

Locke Township

Rene John Krier, II and Margo E. Carter to Austin John Dickey and wife, $375,000

Bernice Williams to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, as trustee, $128,000

Shirley B. Wilhelm as trustee to Ray Lewis and wife, $20,000

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC to Genero A. Garcia, $50,000

Julius D. Waggoner, Jr. and wife to Rubicelia Lorenzana Toldeo, $6,000

Jeffrey G. Anderson and spouse and others to Edward Dominic Peay and Leah Michelle Chesson, $146,000

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to DWV Real Property, LLC, $37,500

Lois Harrington to Shelly Swaim, $1,000

Judy W. Morgan to David Eugene Dennis and Tabatha Lynn Dennis, $185,000

Robert M. Marchinko and spouse to Megan P. Lively and spouse, $171,000

Carrie Anna Wilhelm to Victor J. Washington, Sr. and Brittany Rashawn Rice-Farris, $68,000

Herman C. Graham and wife to Todd L. Adams and wife, $300,000

Dwight Alexander Bost to Mark A. Wimmer and wife, $10,000

Sharonview Federal Credit Union to Erick E. Guzman Villalta, $118,000

Robert Wayne Gudger as executor of estate and individually and wife to Vinton L. Fry and wife, $124,000

Morgan Township

Kenneth Daryl Honeycutt and wife to Larry Lee Baker, $95,000

Legacy Nine Development, LLC to Timothy E. Wilson, $140,000

Cosandra Rogers individually and as executor of estate and husband to John Henry Foster, Jr. and wife, $1,500

Todd Eugene Evans as trustee to Hubert Gregory Scarborough, Jr., $205,000

George R. Everhart, III as trustee to Matthew Scott Linebarger, Sr. and wife and others, $92,000

Van W. Elrod, Sr. to Van W. Elrod, Jr., $165,000

Providence Township

Michael G. Parks and wife to Ronnie J. Barrier and wife, $180,000

James F. Mundy and wife to Matthew B. Wagoner and wife, $50,000

Brent E. Agner and wife to Charles Eugene Seaford and wife, $50,000

Randy G. Shuler and wife to David L. Sgrignoli, $135,000

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC to Dglass, LLC, $65,000

Timothy N. Lewis and wife to Trevor Watson and wife, $31,000

Farmers and Merchants Bank to James Richard File, Jr., $47,000

Carole B. Blair to 730 Mainsail Holdings, LLC, $335,000

Frederick A. Thompson and wife to Dawn M. Buchanan and James H. Sauls, Jr., $515,000

The Bank of New York Mellon to Renee LaPoint, $88,000

Len F. Newman and Teri S. Newman to Kenneth Brandon Cupp, $180,000

Dale A. Newark and wife to Gregory J. Fischer and wife, $270,000

Sara Leazer Coughenour to Drew T. Leazer and wife, $130,000

Trudy Lynn Nance York to Joynce Brammer, $120,000

Allen G. Snook, Jr. and wife to William Andrew Lombard and wife, $225,000

Salisbury Township

Lewis O. Beck, Jr. and wife to James A. Mitchell, Jr. and wife, $199,000

E. Randy Goodman to Wesley T. Richardson, $68,500

The Commons Trust Company as trustee to Henry G. Saine, $36,500

James Spainhour to Christopher Lee Pyron, $48,500

Delora Wesson Murphy to Suzanne T. Ford, $116,500

BMS Investment Properties, LLC to Hollis Lyn Theard, $105,000

H. Richard Ridenhour and wife to Gary Drye, $33,000

Marvin Joseph Leazer, Jr. and spouse to Castle Island Properties, LLC, $58,000

Christina Hall to Brian Cox and wife, $149,000

Pauline Z. Hunter and others to Timothy Ray Polk, $14,000

Louie Thomas Page and wife to Salisbury Community Development Corporation, $20,000

Sandra Dionisopoulos and husband to Christine Barbeau and husband, $171,000

Substitute Trustee to Bank of North Carolina, $255,500

Richard A. Manger as substitute trustee to Bank of North Carolina, $36,000

Richard A. Manger as substitute trustee to Bank of North Carolina, $36,500

Juan Manuel Correa Sanchez and wife to Kathy Sue Hall Hartford, $64,000

Bruce D. Friesner and wife to Kenneth Hobson and wife, $48,500

Warren D. Klawiter and Sara E. Klawiter as trustees to Robert M. Marchinko and wife, $123,000

Sandy R. Moore and wife to CMH Homes, Inc., $8,500

Billie Jo Corriher to Mystique Investments, LLC, $40,000

Samuel Todd Douthit and spouse to Andrew Charles Cochran and wife, $217,500

LC&E Affordable Properties, LLC to Martha M. Wilson, $30,000

Neda H. Chapman as trustee to Shirley J. Bellows, $114,000

Charles Ray Hess and wife and Rickey Steve Brown, Jr., $8,500

Allan Hattaway as trusteet to Bowtie Properties, LLC, $90,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Odell Roy, LLC, $20,500

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Salisbury Community Development Corporation, $49,000

Crowder Creative Investments, LLC to Land Equity, LLC, $2,000

Billy R. Williams and Song Yao to Donald K. Smith, $95,000

Betty Crayton and Benny Michael Crayton and wife to Charles M. Pittillo, $49,000

Dain M. Laguna and Rebecca Laguna to Shawn McBride and Allison Nicole Eanes, $85,000

Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to Brooke D. Robinson, $30,000

Jonathan G. Eller and wife to Crystal G. Heath, $108,500

Donna Rhew and husband to Abel Rivera Correa and wife, $22,000

EFN Financial Group, Inc. and Marie Evelyne Francois to Adelina Salazar, $7,000

Spencer Lane Construction, LLC to Ann B. Tucker, $209,000

Rogers Townsend & Thomas, PC to The Bank of New York Mellon, $130,000

James Edward Church and wife to Robert James Grignon and wife, $285,000

Farmers & Merchants Bank to Ken Kellis Builders, Inc., $25,000

Unity Township

Angela Dawn Lee to Kevin M. Holshouser and Ashley L. Dutton, $125,000

Myles E. Mintz and wife to Paul L. Honeycutt, Jr., $45,000

Abdulaziz H.W. Houhou to Ibrahim Elsharif, $7,000

Abdulaziz H.W. Houhou to Eslam Shaaban Radwan Ahmed Radwan and Yousif Ali I Alhowsawi, $7,000

Abdulaziz H.W. Houhou to Zaid A S Z E Sh Alshehab, $7,000

Steele Township

Elizabeth Scearce Brown to Ross Brown, Jr. and wife, $142,500

Mt. Ulla Township

Scotch-Irish Township

Elizabeth M. Cline and husband to Corey Kloszewski and wife, $35,000

Menius Construction, LLC to CMH Homes, Inc., $15,000



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