Letters to the editor – Wednesday (10-7-15)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Planned Parenthood deserves public support

I have been struggling recently with how to best express my support for Planned Parenthood. Should I rebut in detail the fraudulent and outrageous treatment by my elected officials in Washington, and in the so-called Court of Social Media for this almost 100-year-old agency?

Maybe I should make it personal and share my own experiences? How for many years when I was uninsured or under-insured, they were the only place I could go for yearly cancer screenings and family planning needs? How when I did finally get health insurance, I still chose to use them for my care?

Maybe an emotional appeal with what it was like to be a clinic escort in the late ‘90s, helping patients – men and women – to safely get into the building for their appointments?

Or, maybe I should make it more like a Yelp review, and stick with explaining how my Planned Parenthood experiences were always professional and confidential?

One thing I am not struggling with is my unwavering support for this agency; I stand with Planned Parenthood.

— Teresa Rowell


We need more like him

The writer is responding to a column in the Oct. 1 paper, “A mother remembered: People never knew the pain she was in,” which was spurred by the actions of William Jacobs.

Mr. Jacobs, you broke my heart and made me cry — and also gave me a feeling of joy and wonder. What you did was just a thing of beauty. I appreciate it. We need more people like Mr. Jacobs in this world.

I also appreciate that Mark Wineka found this a story worth writing. In the times we live in, with so much sadness, it’s good to read such a beautiful story.

— Annie I. Wetter