Letters to the editor: Thursday – 10.1.15

Published 12:03 am Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hypocrisy of LGBT push
for tolerance is obvious

The latest furor in the movement to legitimize the agenda of the LGBT movement involving Kim Davis and the defensive measure taken by a like-named clerk in Morehead to prevent people from abusing her once more make clear how much phoniness and deceitfulness are to be found among its activists and their fanatical fellow-travelers.

I suspect that the motives of this group, its true motives, are not merely to remove harassment and discrimination from public life but also to promote respectability and even approvability for alternate sexualities. Will there come a time when disliking such alternatives will in itself be grounds for expressions of opprobrium?

Those who called the other Kim in Morehead and began screaming at her over the phone were certainly showing their true colors. And those who berated and vilified the very moderate comments by Carrie Prejean. Check out her words on Youtube and the smutty trail of slander from the lumpen elements that pollute social media and the Internet in general. Or the negative response to a very sensible article by the Rev. Ken Reed some time in the past.

Those that bandy about the words love (all for) and judgmentalism (against) employ these terms/concepts as it suits them, although they display in fact, very little of the former and all too much of the latter, certainly toward their opponents, i.e., those who do not fully support their “cause.”

As for quoting the Bible, I ask how much these shrill and strident individuals know of that book and whether they do not limit themselves to citing those verses that suit their purposes. Jesus was capable of some harsh statements, and among his advice, he told the adulteress, not, do whatever you like, but go and sin no more.

I say the above in conjunction with my vote for Amendment 1 a few years ago. I felt no religious nor political affinity with the majority of those who did give it their support, but even then, through the letters to the Post opposing it and their wording, I could already perceive something dubious and insincere in their position and arguments. I still do, and these words are to let all such individuals know that I, for one, am not deceived.

— Richard Nash Creel


Let’s improve quality of life

On Wednesday’s front page was a story about rebranding Rowan County. Well, I don’t understand all I know about rebranding, but I can do arithmetic. The total cost came to $245,450 or, as we like to say out in the country, “Dad gum! That’s more money than a circus dog can jump over.”

Here goes a plan that won’t cost a dime for anyone but will save the taxpayers a bunch of money. Instead of a re-brand, do do a do-ban.

Do-ban tobacco products from all parks, county and city.

Do-ban releasing balloons countywide.

Do-ban campaign signs on all roads in the county, at all intersections and on all telephone poles.

These three simple things will certainly improve the “quality of life” for everyone.

No need to thank me, Greg.

You’re welcome.

— Whitey Harwood

Rowan County