Man stabbed with sword during family fight

Published 12:55 pm Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Salisbury man has been upgraded to serious condition at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center after police say his father stabbed him with a sword during an argument early Tuesday morning.

The evening started with Mark Andrew Foutz, 26, calling his mother Monday and telling her he’d been fired from his job at R.L. Carriers.

He returned to the South Main Street home he shares with his mother, father Charles and younger brother Richard, and drank a 12-pack of beer he’d bought, in addition to what the family already had in their home, a witness told police.

Charles Foutz told police he was awakened around 2 a.m. by Mark Foutz banging around the house. When the father went out to talk to his son, he reported that the young man became confrontational and violent. Richard Foutz, 18, stepped between the two in an attempt to mediate and diffuse tensions, and Mark Foutz allegedly tackled him, the report said.

The father said that Mark Foutz wrapped his legs around Richard Foutz’s waist and began beating him. Knowing he was no physical match for his son, Charles Foutz told police, he grabbed a sword they had in the house, pulled it out of the sheath, and told Mark Foutz to stop.

Mark Foutz allegedly lunged at his father and was stabbed in the center of his chest. Charles Foutz called 911.

Police arrived on the scene in time to see Richard Foutz running out of the house. After a short chase, he agreed to stop and stay seated on the sidewalk. Charles Foutz came out of the house in his underwear, the police report said, and told the officer that he’d stabbed his son.

Officer J.N. Wilson asked Charles Foutz to sit on a chair on the front porch and went inside, where he said he saw a sword in a black sheath lying on the floor, and found Mark’s Foutz’s mother had removed her son’s shirt and was using it to try and stop the bleeding.

Wilson administered first aid to Mark Foutz until fire and EMS arrived.

According to the police report, Charles Foutz told Wilson that he wanted the sword taken away and “destroyed.” Wilson confiscated the sword and reported that the first six inches of the blade were covered in blood.

Mark was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, where he was initially listed in critical condition but had improved to serious condition by Tuesday evening. The case remains open for review and investigation. No charges have been filed.

In other Salisbury Police Department reports:

  • A man reported Sunday that items had been stolen from his vehicle at the 1300 block of Klumac Road.
  • Global Energy Services at the 1000 block of North Long Street reported that scrap metal was stolen from the onsite dumpster, Monday.
  • A 17-year-old reported Monday that he was attacked by two men wearing brass knuckles at the 800 block of East Innes Street.
  • Tractor Supply Co. at the 400 block of South Jake Alexander Boulevard reported an attempted burglary Tuesday.
  • Kenneth Michael Eller, 40, was arrested Saturday and charged at the magistrate’s office with simple assault.
  • Solomon Marquel McCall, 20, was arrested at the 100 block of Clancy Street and charged with resist, delay, and obstructing a public officer, Monday.

In Rowan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

  • Deputies recovered concealed weapons at the 100 block of Spencer Street, East Spencer, during a warrantless search on Friday.
  • FLS Energy at the 400 block of St. Peter’s Church Road, Gold Hill, reported Friday that a window was broken in a construction trailer.
  • A man reported Friday that items were stolen from the 8300 block of Old Beatty Ford Road, Rockwell,
  • A woman at the 2200 block of Cannon Farm Road, China Grove, reported a credit card fraud on Friday.
  • A woman reported Saturday that her car was stolen from the 200 block of Chinquapin Lane, Mt. Ulla.
  • A man reported a burglary occurred Saturday at his home at the 400 block of Fisherman’s Lane, Salisbury.
  • A woman reported Saturday that an assault occurred at the 3200 block of Old Union Church Road, Salisbury.
  • Erick Jose Santos, 17, was arrested Friday at the 100 block of Matthew Drive and charged with underage consumption.
  • Jeffrey Scott Bradley, 31, was arrested Friday at the 200 block of North Main street for a sex offender failing to report a new address.
  • Malik Eric Johnson, 19, was arrested Friday at the 100 block of West Spencer Street, East Spencer, for a weapons violation.
  • Shannon Allmon Imbert, 35, was arrested Friday at the 1100 block of Starhaven Drive for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
  • Tony Maxwell, 30, was arrested Friday on charges of selling or delivering a controlled substance and was charged at the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Melvin Antonio Maxwell, 30, was arrested Friday at the 400 block of Grace Church Road on charges of selling and delivering a controlled substance.
  • Sharon Lee Day, 58, was arrested Friday at the 200 block of Brook Street on charges of larceny.
  • Christopher Lee McDaniel, 41, was arrested at the 1100 block of Julius Drive on Friday and charged with violating city noise ordinances.
  • Richard Wayne Helm, 42, was arrested Saturday at the 2500 block of Long Ferry Road on charges of temporary custody order.
  • William Noe Martinez, 34, was arrested Saturday at the 600 block of Geneva Drive on charges of assault on a female.
  • Hank Williams Craig, 55 was arrested at Hillcrest Drive Saturday on charges of violating probation.
  • Heather Michelle Vanhoose, 18, was arrested Saturday at the 500 block of Oak Mountain Road on charges of possession with intent to make, sell, or distribute a Schedule II controlled substance.
  • William Lonnie Childers, 65 was arrested at the 2400 block of Statesville Boulevard, Sunday on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia.
  • Austin Wright, 17, was arrested at the 200 block of Hard Rock Drive on Sunday and charged with possession of weapons on an educational property.
  • Ryan Chandler Wilhelm, 23, was arrested Sunday and charged at the Sheriff’s Office with selling or delivering a controlled substance.