News from Kannapolis City Schools

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hilbish Ford has named Caroline Fongemy the Hilbish Ford Outstanding Teacher of the Month for the Kannapolis City Schools.

She is described as “a dedicated and caring fifth-grade teacher at Kannapolis Intermediate School. She believes all students are capable of learning. She also goes above and beyond to make sure all her students are successful not only in the intermediate grades but also as life-long learners.”

One parent said Fongemy is “one of a kind” and that she taught her daughter lessons both inside and outside of the classroom. The student had surgery and was in a cast for more than a month. Fongemy made sure the student didn’t miss out on any activities and even carried the student up many stairs so she wouldn’t miss out on a trip.

Another parent praised Fongemy’s communication with parents and students. The parent said Fongemy was warm and welcoming and made her son feel comfortable right away. She has helped the student transition seamlessly from elementary to intermediate school.

The parent received an email from Fongemy the first day of school with an update and a postcard after the first week. The parent said, “It’s only been a week-and-a-half since school started back, but it has already been such a great experience.”

Foundation receives donation

Allen Tate Realtors has donated nearly $2,000 to the Kannapolis Education Foundation.

Mike Ransom, managing broker for Allen Tate Realtors in Concord, attended the September Board of Education meeting and presented a check for $1,919 to Superintendent Dr. Pam Cain.

The money was raised by employees of Allen Tate Realtors to help support education in Kannapolis City Schools. The Kannapolis Education Foundation will use the money to give additional classroom technology to students and teachers in Kannapolis City Schools.

Honors for Kannapolis Middle

The Kannapolis City Board of Education honored outstanding representatives from Kannapolis Middle School at its September meeting.

Bryan Foster is an outstanding eighth-grade student at Kannapolis Middle School. He is a leader in the classroom and on the sports field. Bryan is a member of the jazz band and volunteers with student services. He has served as an ambassador to rising seventh-graders. Bryan is always willing to go the extra mile to help his teachers and peers. He always has a smile and kind words for others. Bryan values his education as well as the education of others around him. He will be successful in life no matter where his path leads.

Jahmya Moody is a wonderful eighth-grade student at Kannapolis Middle School. She is always willing to give an extra hand to students and teachers. Jahmya is a member of Battle of the Books, Student Council and volunteers in the media center. When the media specialist’s assistant moved on to high school, Jahmya immediately volunteered to be the media assistant in the mornings. She is a creative writer in class and participates in the school talent shows.

Kristie Purvis  is an active member of the Kannapolis Middle School PTSO, serving as the treasurer. She has served as a parent volunteer with KMS since last year in various roles. Kristie regularly attends athletic events, volunteers for fundraisers and greets parents at various school functions, always encouraging them to become active at the school. Since taking over as treasurer of the PTSO, Kristie has attended PTSO meetings and shared many ideas to help improve the school.

Amy Paterson  is a personal assistant for a special needs student at Kannapolis Middle School. She is a caring and loving assistant to her special student and is a great help to all the students and teachers in the classroom. When Amy’s student is not in school, she continues to help with other special needs students in the classroom. She provides a helping hand by assisting with breakfast and lunch, working with students in small group instruction, and helping with arts and crafts. Amy has a genuine love for her job, and it is evident in her interactions with students. She always has a smile on her face and lights up when talking about how the students performed during the day. Amy is an asset to the special needs class and to Kannapolis Middle School.

Sean Szakal teaches eighth grade social studies at Kannapolis Middle School and is a wonderful educator. His enthusiasm for social studies, along with a twist of entertainment, makes history come alive in his classroom and draws the students into his love for the subject. Sean is an expert at integrating technology and industry into his classroom. He is also active in other activities at KMS and A.L. Brown High School, where he serves as head coach of the boys soccer team. When funding was not available for students to play soccer, Sean actively looked for community support to allow for equal opportunities for all students to participate and experience the sport. Sean also volunteers to run the clock during basketball and wrestling season and attends many extra-curricular activities to show support of his students. He is an excellent role model in helping students become productive citizens. Sean is a native of Kannapolis and a graduate of A.L. Brown High School.