Josh Farmer: Dear D.A., please get tougher

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 24, 2015

By Joshua Farmer

Special to the SalisburyPost

Dear Madame District Attorney:

The recent uptick in crime is quite troubling to me. I proudly live in Fulton Heights, I am blessed to work at Salisbury High School as an educator and coach, and my wife works in the community as well. Basically, my daily family life occurs within the west end of town. I grew up in this neighborhood, moved away, and returned. This is my home. Now, my home is under attack.

Let me say I do not envy your position; I am sure it is a difficult and stressful occupation. That being said, I believe it is time you make a name for yourself. Our police force has done about all they can to rid our streets of these disruptive individuals who continue disgrace our city. Yet they continually catch grief for not doing enough. This is where you are most able to make a profound and defining difference.

I keep a close eye on crime reports and our inmate lists and I seem to see a remarkable amount of repeat customers with repeated offenses. The problem I have found is that an equally remarkable amount of these charges seem to be continually pled down or dismissed all together. How is that benefiting our community? For the sake of all the good that still exists in this town, for the sake of MY children (both those in my home and those in my school) strengthen our standards and keep repeat offenders and dangerous criminals locked up! Second chances are noble, but our citizens won’t get a second chance on life when one of these violent, repeat offenders takes just one more step. Make your name known as the toughest prosecutor in North Carolina. Our criminals don’t fear our courts and that is sad. They know their charges will disappear.

What you may not understand about our community is that we have and will always stand up for our beautiful home and those that share it. This community is strong and proud and that will not change because of the few exceptions in an otherwise law abiding and orderly city. We are blessed to have a great high school and a growing Livingstone College to call our own. I have seen articles asking the people for help; this is our plea to you. Change your approach; help us protect our homes by bringing the strength back to the long arm of the law.

Farmer lives in Salisbury.