Catawba students ‘piggy bank’ on institution’s campaign

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 24, 2015

By Anna Beth Carter 

Catawba College

At a recent on-campus barbeque picnic event, Catawba College students were given piggy banks and encouraged to participate in the institution’s current campaign effort, “Our Catawba: The Forward Path.” The emphasis was put on campus-wide participation, not on the amount of funds that could be raised, with hopes of creating a campus atmosphere of mindfulness and intention about philanthropy.

The students, who registered their banks at this Sept. 11 event, will have until the week of Catawba’s homecoming, Oct. 19-23, to fill their banks and decide where they would like to direct their collected funds.

The three students who raise the most funds will vie for a chance to win prizes valued at $500. Additionally, the class that raises the most money during this effort will be formally recognized at Catawba’s Spring Awards Convocation in April.

All Catawba College students are being asked to participate in this campaign to show just how committed and able current students are to the long term plans and well being of their college. It was noted at the event that Catawba College has become the fine institution it is today due in large part to the generosity and support of alumni donors. Student involvement in the campaign is a movement to recognize the importance of this support and really enable students to get a jumpstart on giving back to an institution that they care about.

Catawba College SGA Executive Vice President Blake Brewer, class of 2016, had this to say about what the campaign means to him and to the future of the college: “The ‘Our Catawba’ Campaign will be instrumental in solidifying the long-term plans of the college. Current students are here because of the generosity of all those before us who have donated to our institution. Those who partake in this phase of the campaign will undoubtedly be working to build a stronger and brighter vision for the future.

“If we all work together, students can make the Forward Path one to both be proud of and to remember. Now is the time for all of us to lay the foundation for Catawbans to come.”

Justin Burroughs, Catawba SGA executive president, was also present at the event and helped students with the registration of the piggy banks. “SGA is very appreciative to all of those who came and supported us at this campaign kickoff,” he said. “It is important that we make an education at Catawba possible for future students since those before us made our education at Catawba possible.”

Carter is a member of the class of 2016.