Letters to the editor — Tuesday (9-22-15)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Thanks, Salisbury Police Dept.

As a volunteer delivering meals for the Meals on Wheels Agency,  I would like to share this.

Last week as I tried to deliver a meal to a senior client, the client did not respond to several knocks on the unlocked door, nor answering the phone, so after about 10 minutes not knowing if the client was in distress, I called the Police Department, asking if they could do a welfare check.

In just a short time, two very professional officers arrived, locating a note from the client with instructions regarding the meal, and information on why the client was not home.

I would like to thank Chief Rory Collins and all the Salisbury Police officers for protecting this community.

As you can see, I called regarding this situation, officers responded in a timely manner, and everything was OK, but it could have been a different outcome.

This community should be most appreciative for our Police Department. I certainly am.

— Lou Hamilton


Safety first on cats

The writer is responding to a recent editorial in the Post.

Obviously, the person who wrote “A better way to control cats” either has never been responsible for children playing outside, or is blithely ignorant of the dangers feral cats pose to children: communicable diseases from cat droppings, endangerment to children chasing after such cats, or the threat of rabies from cats infected by animals such as raccoons.

These dangers are particularly acute in apartment complexes and locations with public playgrounds.

  There isn’t a person alive who loves dogs or cats more than I do.No one really wants to put down wild dogs or cats, but public safety should prevail.

— Steve Owen