Food news: Halloween ideas and fun food festivals

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 22, 2015

By Deirdre Parker Smith

Remember the days when you went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, and your friends’ moms gave you candy apples or a brownie or a Rice Krispies treat?

No, too long ago. Too many boogie-men out there now.

But, suppose you’re having a party at home. What would you serve? Scary stuff? Healthy stuff? Sugary treats or a mix?

If you have great Halloween food ideas, would you share them with us?

We’ll use the best of the ideas in a food feature in October.

Mail ideas to Halloween, Salisbury Post. PO Box 4639, Salisbury NC, email to or post on our facebook,

Thanks. May the ghouls of inspiration visit you.

Oyster festival and others

And speaking of oysters (see related story), here’s your chance to go to the source — the North Carolina Oyster Festival, Oct. 17-18 at Ocean Isle Beach.

In addition to oysters, you can enjoy music from the Embers, our own Darrell Harowood and more. But be assured, there is an oyster eating contest, an oyster stew cook-off and the N.C. oyster shucking championship. Check it out at or call 800-426-6644.

Before that, you can get apples and a whole lot more at the 38th annual Brushy Mountain Apple Festival in North Wilkesboro on Oct. 3.

Feeling adventurous? Check out the 8th annual Eastern Carolina BBQ Throw Down Oct. 9-10 in Rocky Mount. This one really is all about the food, a sanctioned barbecue competition with music and other entertainment.

The real barbecue festival — the one in Lexington, is the 32nd annual and it will be Oct. 24, with plenty of barbecue and the usual entertainment and children’s activities.

And you can plan now for the Yadkin Valley Pumpkin Festival, Sept. 26, which includes, of course, gigantic pumpkins, along with pumpkin-themed food, rides for children and more. Last year’s pumpkin winner weighed in at 1,404 pounds.

Moving temptation

Starting next month at 30 stores, Target will try to move junk food away from the cash registers and put healthier foods in their place.

It’s part of the new wellness craze sweeping major retailers.

CVS Health is also moving junk food to less prominent spots in 500 of its locations.

Walmart is ramping up organic offerings, too.

Will people take the bait?

Freaky new superfoods

Food Network’s Healthy Eats says that since consumers are chowing down on acai, quinoa and chia seeds, the search is on for the next nutrient packed superfood.

Problem is, some of those superfoods can affect the medicines you take or have odd side effects.

Next, look for moringa, said to have medicinal properties , blue-green algae (again?!) citicoline (in pill form) or freekah. What the freak is freekah? Roasted green wheat. Non-GMO, we hope. You can eat it like a snack, or, well chia seeds.