Letters to the editor — Sunday (9-20-2015)

Published 12:15 am Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fiorina’s appeal grows after Trump’s attack

Regarding Donald Trump’s comment about Carly Fiona:

I personally think Carly Fiorina is a lovely and eloquent lady whose arguments are well gauged and, from this conservative’s viewpoint, tactically appealing. Growing more so by the day, I may add … especially in lieu of such a mean-spirited and sophomoric attack on a fellow Republican who has, thus far, done nothing short of reflecting the Republican Party in the most beneficial light.

As any true conservative knows, it doesn’t matter how much real estate you control, how many reality TV shows you own or how much power you may have. God has the real power.

Any many who has Jesus in his heart would never make such a comment about any lady, regardless of her political party affiliation.

Class isn’t something you buy. It’s not something you wear or drive. It doesn’t come from the hip … it comes from the heart.

— Tony Haney


Political copycats

Some say Donald Trump did not do as good in the second debate as in the first. He must be doing pretty good. He has the rest of them sounding like him. It makes me think of Elvis Presley. He is everywhere.

— Delmar McDaniel


Cartoons aren’t nice

Editor’s note: The letter below is responding to editorial cartoons recently published in the Salisbury Post on a variety of topics.

We teach our children to be nice. The Post should not bully people to express its feeling about what it thinks people are doing or because they have hair. Thank God Trump has hair at his age.

This petty behavior and childish, school-yard behavior will not make the Salisbury Post a good paper.

Our children read in the paper about the D (given some schools by the state). It makes me mad that if you go to school at all, you’ll be put in the Salisbury Post.

What grade are you worth? F-.

— Joyce Orphanoudakis


Grave school report 

The BBC would have said the news is grave, but the creative journalism of the Post put it merely “RSS gets mostly bad news.” Was there any good news in Rowan’s report card? Not a single A, one B, 14 Cs and the rest Ds and Fs!

So who is to blame? What blame or shame do the Post and its editor share? What of our grossly overpaid superintendent? She called this a “dip”; a death dive would have been more honest. What of our smug, conceited school board, especially Miller and Cox? What of the county commission, past and present? Even Jim Sides voted for the $40.5 million more in an attempt to save his job and reward failure.

Speaking of money, just what is the current yearly budget we spend to fail? Does anyone actually know the exact dollar amount of the millions we waste?

Also, what about the great central office monument for administrators, exact cost still unknown? How many teachers, teacher aides and tutors could this $10 million-plus idol for ignorance pay for?

Here I digress and apologize to Judy Grissom. We didn’t appreciate just bad until we got horribly bad with Moody.

I am tempted to urge a meeting with the Mooresville schools to see just how they are doing so well, but then how many millions more would that add to our taxes for education?

— W.F. Owen