Rowan weather: Warming up for the weekend

Published 7:55 am Thursday, September 17, 2015

Not quite as chilly this morning, and some areas may see some fog.

It will be sunny today with a high of 81, a slight breeze picking up this afternoon. Tonight’s low will be 57.

For Friday, we’ll see more sunshine and be a bit warmer, at 83, with another breeze stirring later in the afternoon. The low will be 61.

Saturday will be sunny again and warmer, with a high of 85. The low will be 62.

Sunday will be warmer yet, with a high of 87 and a low again of 62.

Monday, though, will be mostly cloudy, with a high of 80. A 40 percent chance of rain comes in Monday night, with a low of 61.

Tuesday has a 30 percent chance of showers, and more clouds, with a high of 76. The same rain chance lingers Tuesday night, with a low of 62.

Then Wednesday, it’s back to partly sunny and 78.