Quotes of the week

Published 9:02 pm Thursday, September 17, 2015

“Nails were expensive. You couldn’t waste nails on fencing.”

— Robbie Cochran, volunteer, on crafting a snake-rail fence at the Old Stone House

“Part of belonging to a community is taking care of the entire community.”

— Evelyn Medina, owner, on pay-it-forward program at Mean Mug coffee shop

“My position has been at some point you have to lay the expectation that instructional time is extremely important.”

— Dr. Lynn Moody, Rowan-Salisbury school superintendent, on dismissing school early on the day of the South Rowan Christmas Parade

“When it comes to painting, she gets very excited.”

— Megan Cline, assistant naturalist, on Roxy racoon’s enthusiasm for creating art at Dan Nicholas Park’s Rowan Wildlife Adventures

“Good advice, bad commandment.”

— Comment Bishop Tim Smith said a church member made after Smith misstated one of the 10 commandments as “Do not admit adultery.”