Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:10 am Sunday, September 13, 2015

1. This past week, representatives from the Rowan County Chamber of Commerce took a trip to what major U.S. city?
A. New York City
B. Washington, D.C.
C. Atlanta
D. Miami

2. Why did the Rowan County United Way set its 2015-2016 campaign goal at the unusual figure of $1,999,999.99?
A. Campaign Chairman Penny Greer-Link is being counted on as the “Lucky Penny,” which will make the total $2 million.
B. A $2 million goal would have forced the United Way to pick up one more local agency to support
C. Superstition. The last time the United Way set a $2 million goal, the campaign fell $300,000 short
D. No reason was given

3. As things stand now, the Rowan County Board of Elections will stay at its current location (130 W. Innes St.) through this year’s municipal elections and the 2016 presidential primary until moving to what new location?
A. The former Department of Social Services building on Old West Innes Street
B. The former Tri-County Mental Health Center on Mahaley Avenue
C. A new building on county-owned land off Old Concord Road
D. Renovated space at West End Plaza

4. The Shoppes at Summit Park off Julian Road celebrated the grand opening this past week of its first store. What store is it?
A. Hobby Lobby
B. Dick’s Sporting Goods
C. Kirkland’s
D. Mattress Firm

5. Which of these municipalities does not have tobacco-free parks?
A. East Spencer
B. Rockwell
C. Spencer
D. Granite Quarry

6. The state highway historical marker for Christian Reid was recently taken down, corrected and reinstalled near the South Main Street gate to Chestnut Hill Cemetery. What correction was made to the marker?
A. The name of the author’s most famous novel, “Land of the Sky.”
B. The birth year of the author
C. The death year of the author
D. The year “Land of the Sky” was published

7. Who were the winning pair in the men’s championship flight of the Crowder/Dorsett Labor Day 4-Ball Tournament at the County Club of Salisbury?
A. Glenn and Roy Dixon
B. Derek Lipe and Drue Davis
C. Andrew Morgan and Phil Miller
D. Chris Williams and Michael Swaringen

8. Citing difficulties in balancing the duties of his job with his public service responsibilities, Spencer Alderman Reid Walters resigned this past week. What job led to too much demand on the time he could devote to being an alderman?
A. He’s a pilot for Delta
B. He’s town manager for Bethel
C. He’s a postmaster in Greensboro
D. He’s a professor at Duke University

9. At halftime of a Sept. 5 home football game, the Catawba College PRIDE marching band incorporated songs of what musical into its field production?
A. “Chicago”
B. “The Music Man”
C. “Cats”
D. “The Lion King”

10. Prior to Thursday’s EnviroMingle at Nashville Nights, there will be a ribbon-cutting in downtown Salisbury for what?
A. A new outfitters store
B. A new downtown trail
C. A vehicle charging station
D. A downtown recycling center


Answers below:

1. B.  A group of 13 Chamber members went to Washington as part of the 2015 North Carolina Business and Economic Development Summit.

2. A. Greer-Link is being counted on as the “Lucky Penny” to reach $2 million. the United Way has increased its goal this year by 4 percent.

3. D.  The Board of Elections could be in 10,000 square feet of renovated space at the West End Plaza by June 2016.

4. A. Hobby Lobby is the first store to open in the new shopping center. Others on deck include Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kirkland’s, Five Below and Mattress Firm

5. D. Granite Quarry doesn’t have tobacco-free parks, but the Board of Aldermen recently heard a health department presentation on that subject.

6. B. The birth year of Christian Reid, the pen name for Frances Fisher Tiernan, was corrected to 1846. The date had been 1864, which was wrong.

7. C. Morgan and Miller defeated Davis and Lipe in the Labor Day final.

8. B. Walters was appointed to the position of town manager in Bethel earlier this year.

9. A. The Catawba PRIDE field production of “Chicago” incorporated a “visual unit” of vocalists, dancers and actors.

10. C. The ribbon-cutting for the vehicle-charging station will be part of National Drive Electric Week. The Center for the Environment at Catawba College is host for the EnviroMingle.