Letters to the editor — Sunday (9-13-2015)

Published 12:10 am Sunday, September 13, 2015

Livingstone College deserves better

I was disappointed in the way the Salisbury Post reported the altercation that took place on the Catawba College campus on Monday night that erroneously linked some of the participants to Livingstone College. I hope that in the future such statements will be vetted before associating negative statements to Livingstone College. They could have said they were from the Salisbury Post. Would you have printed that? I think not.

Livingstone College is a tremendous asset to this community through its graduates that are working in the school system, serving on the Salisbury City Council, the Rowan-Salisbury school board and its economic impact in general. Livingstone College is not deserving of the “short straw” of negativity.

The graduates of this institution work in many capacities throughout the world, and as a graduate of Livingstone College, I take great pride in this school that continues to give minorities the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

— Dr. Bryant Norman Jr.


Article shows bias

Such strong bias!

Re: The Dan Thomasson article (Sept. 7) “Ky. clerk should do job — or quit.”

I am wondering if he is upset that she was released from jail yesterday and will keep her job. Someone wise enough to know there was a way to not force Kim Davis to rebel against God made that call.

She no doubt held that job before the unelected judges made the law that she could not go along with.

Now another concern is with us. When Billy Clinton managed to dodge the draft, where did he end up? It wasn’t jail. Does this mean the same for Hillary, as it appears she has broken the law concerning her email server? I bet she doesn’t end up in jail.

The biased thinking of Thomasson continued in his last paragraph: “… until then, however, there is no room left for the Davises of the country.” His shallow thinking is evident. I want to remind us — freedom and tolerance should not be a one-way street.

But the sad part is that he pulls a verse from the Holy Scriptures to try to make his point seem credible. That is not the reason God gave us the Bible. Hopefully, I can do a My Turn column for that concern.

— Donna Kesler


God loves all

I don’t know how many times that certain individuals have put down gay and lesbian citizens or Mexicans or even African-
Americans — or anyone who is different.

If it wasn’t for God sending Jesus to die for us, then we wouldn’t even be here today.

Jesus could have said no, and God would have destroyed everybody! God loved everyone, coming to earth in the form of sinful flesh to take on the sins of the world, died and rose again.

I wish that everyone would read their Bible. Jesus said,  judge not, that ye be not judged with the same judgment! You say you’re a Christian; prove it. The word Christian means Christlike. Jesus loved everyone unconditionally. You say you love God and not your brothers and sisters; then the love of God isn’t in you. You’re a liar in God’s eyes.

I know some churches that have mixed couples in them, but they won’t let in gay and lesbian couples. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I love everyone unconditionally, no matter who they are. I don’t judge anyone after the flesh. Your flesh is just as sick as anybody else’s. God looks at a person’s heart. You don’t have to love the devil or his own, but you do have to love people unconditionally.

If you have a problem with someone, tell God on them; I dare you. Then you won’t be pointing fingers anymore.

— Evangelist Robin Sears




Guard is golden

First, I would like to thank the Rowan County Veterans Honor Guard for their dedicated service to Rowan County. We are very fortunate to have such outstanding people among us. I also would like to thank the others who have written articles and letters about the services of our Rowan Honor Guard. They have just returned from a national Honor Guard competition in Baltimore, Md. They brought back the gold. They are No. 1 in the nation.

Now I have read and heard that our county commissioners will consider a petition to add recognition of the Rowan County softball team’s Little League World Championship to welcome signs. I just wonder if they will consider the same for our Rowan County Veterans Honor Guard’s championship. The county commissioners may approve a day to be set aside to recognize the Rowan County Honor Guard unit. This would be a fine recognition and very deserving.

Rowan County people should be proud of the great honor and talent the young girls have shown as national Little League softball champs. Both groups should be recognized, and let them know that we are proud of their accomplishments.

— Hugh and Judy Martin