Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:10 am Sunday, September 6, 2015

1. Carson High foreign exchange student Franziska “Franzi” Botur says China Grove is “more country” than the European city where she lives. Where is Franzi from?
A. Versailles, France
B. Vienna, Austria
C. Brussels, Belgium
D. Berlin, Germany

2. State report cards based on test scores and student improvement/growth came out this past week. The highest grade given to a school in the Rowan-Salisbury system was a “B,” and only one school achieved it. Which one?
A. Knox Middle School
B. Millbridge Elementary School
C. Bostian Elementary
D. Rowan Early College

3. What two high schools received “D”  grades, the lowest among high schools in Rowan County?
A. North Rowan and Salisbury
B. East Rowan and West Rowan
C. South Rowan and Carson
D. East Rowan and Carson

4. To protect it for future generations, the LandTrust for Central North Carolina recently purchased a historic property. Which one?
A. The Town Creek Indian Mound
B. Fort York
C. Daniel Boone State Park
D. The Old Stone House

5. N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory came to Salisbury Thursday afternoon for a press conference in which Fibrant, a city-owned utility, announced it will make Salisbury the first 10 gigabit-per-second city. Who will be the first customer?
A. Catawba College
B. The city of Salisbury itself
C. Rowan County Courthouse
D. Rowan County Sheriff’s Department

6. Seventy years ago, the late Bill Harter of Salisbury played somewhat of an accidental role on V-J Day, when the Japanese surrender in World War II officially took place on the deck of the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. What did Harter do on that historic day?
A. He was Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s chauffeur
B. While celebrating, he fell off the deck of the Missouri and into the bay
C. The B-29, on which he was a tail gunner, mistakenly “buzzed” the Missouri
D. In a 21-gun salute, Harter miscounted and fired off an extra round

7. What Rowan County group came home this past week from Baltimore, Md., with a national championship to its credit?
A. Pool players from Rufty-Holmes Senior Center
B. The Rowan County Veterans Honor Guard
C. Sailors who belong to a boating club sponsored by the High Rock Lake Association
D. Residents from Trinity Oaks who are avid bridge players

8. On Sept. 10, author Katie Workman is coming to the Literary Bookpost in Salisbury, where she will be signing her new book. What’s the title of that best-seller?
A. “Who Hid My Cheeseball?”
B. “Devilish Eggs, Heavenly Bacon”
C. “Don’t Ruin My Pancakes with Your Syrup”
D. “The Mom 100 Cookbook”

9. In China Grove, Cornerstone Church has announced plans for a multi-million-dollar, mixed-use complex on N.C. 152. Of the things listed below, what isn’t proposed for this development?
A. Several commercial buildings
B. Two hotels
C. A religious theme park
D. An events center

10. A procession of emergency fire and rescue equipment that measured two miles in length preceded a memorial service last week for firefighter Chris Phillips, who died of a heart attack hours after responding to a single-vehicle crash in Rowan County. For what fire department was Phillips employed?
A. Locke
B. Enochville
C. Liberty
D. Poole Town


Answers below:


1. D. Botur is an exchange student from Berlin, and she is staying with Wendy and Allan Suggs of China Grove and their daughter, Elora.

2. D. Rowan Early College also had a “B” on the previous year’s report card.

3. A. Salisbury and North Rowan high schools received “D” grades from the state.

4. B. Fort York, along the Davidson County side of the Yadkin River, was site of one of the last Confederate victories in the Civil War.

5. A. Catawba College will be the first customer for Fibrant’s 10-gigabit capability.

6. C. Harter was tail gunner on the B-29 nicknamed “The Piledriver” that mistakenly buzzed the battleship from about 200 feet up.

7. B. The Rowan County Veterans Honor Guard won the national championship for advancing and retrieving the colors at the American Legion Convention in Baltimore.

8. D. Author of “The Mom 100 Cookbook,” Workman also writes The Mom 100 blog and is sometimes a guest on National Public Radio’s “All things Considered,” besides doing a bi-weekly radio show and is the “Cooking for Kids”expert on About.com.

9. C. Cornerstone’s plans for a $35 million to $50 million development includes a 60,000-square-foot events center, two hotels and multiple commercial buildings, but no religious theme park.

10. A. Phillips, 41, who was employed by the Locke Fire Department, previously had served with the Lexington Fire Department for 11 years.