Dr. Pam Cain: Smiles, thanks, generosity start Kannapolis school year

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 30, 2015

By Dr. Pam Cain

Special to the Salisbury Post

I saw so many happy faces in Kannapolis City Schools last week. As I walked through classrooms, I saw amazing teachers, administrators, and staff bringing learning alive for students. I also saw children whose beaming smiles lit up their classrooms. Their smiles warmed my heart and made me think of the tremendous generosity and partnerships that abound in our community.

Many of the happy children I saw were wearing uniforms that were donated by Belk and the United Way. These organizations give our schools hundreds of brand new uniforms each year. I also saw students smiling because they had new book bags and school supplies that were given through the generosity of the faith community. Our churches stand by our side and help us with whatever we need for our children. In addition to school supplies, they donate clothes, food, and shoes for our children in need. They also provide volunteers, after school tutoring, and mentors for our students. It is a reason for all of us to smile.

In Kannapolis City Schools, partnerships are a cornerstone of our success. We receive so much from our businesses and community, but we also willingly give back. For example, our students, staff, and fans donated nearly 500 pounds of food to Cooperative Christian Ministry during the Battle of the Bell football game last week. Fans from Concord also donated cans, and together we collected more than a quarter ton of food for the community.

This year’s Battle for the Bell game made history. It was the first Thursday night football game ever televised live in North Carolina. It allowed viewers across the state to see our wonderful schools using a classic rivalry as a way to unite a community instead of divide it. Both sides came together to support the common good. They also showed outstanding sportsmanship and made me even more proud to be part of Kannapolis City Schools and this wonderful community.

The smiles, generosity and caring that I saw this past week are hallmarks of our school system and community. I am extremely grateful for the tremendous support we receive from businesses, the faith community, parents and charitable organizations. I also am thankful for the generosity that our own students, staff and parents show to those in need.

This school year will be filled with many more smiles and much more caring and generosity. In the end, the biggest smile will be mine as I marvel at the amazing ways we come together to help our children succeed. Thank you for supporting Kannapolis City Schools and for being part of what will be an outstanding year for our students, staff, and community.

Dr. Pam Cain is superintendent of the Kannapolis City Schools.