Letters to the editor – Tuesday (8-25-15)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Congressman Hudson has explaining to do

It occurred to me that my U.S. Congressional representative, Richard Hudson, hasn’t scheduled a town hall meeting. I’ve heard other congressional representatives having one. This is very concerning, especially given his questionable voting record. He’s broken or not kept many of his campaign promises.

I called Hudson’s office today and spoke with Anthony and asked if Mr. Hudson ha scheduled a town hall meeting while on August break. To his knowledge, Anthony wasn’t aware of one. This is very disturbing as there are three extremely serious issues that, as a constituent, I feel are critical and require that he consult with us to find out what we want him to do. That’s why he is called a “representative.” He’s our voice.

The three issues I feel we need to know how he intends to vote are:

1. Defunding Planned Parenthood. Taxpayers’ money is not to be used for private abortions. If a woman has a healthcare issue, it can be handled by the Affordable Healthcare Act, Medicaid or Medicare. And I would like to remind Mr. Hudson that the Republican platform specifically stands firmly on pro-life.

2. Iran agreement. Giving any sort of power or money to a country that publicly hates America and wants to destroy us openly is insane. Anyone in Congress who doesn’t believe Iran will make every effort to fulfill that promise doesn’t need to continue in their elected position, as they don’t have the intelligence to see the intent of Iran to harm America and Israel.

3. Removing John Boehner from office. Too many reasons why to mention.

I am not happy with Mr. Hudson’s voting history. According to a recent Conservative Review Liberty Score for Constitutional based voting, Mr. Hudson scored a despicable 57.

Call Mr. Hudson’s Concord office and express your concerns: 704-786-1612.

— Sharon Mendoza


Editor’s note: The Liberty Score rates members of Congress on 50 specific votes. It gives North Carolina’s two U.S. senators low ratings, too — 49 for Sen. Richard Burr and 40 for Sen. Thom Tillis. Of Rowan’s representatives other than Hudson, Rep. Virginia Foxx rates a 66 and Rep. Alma Adams, the lone Democrat in this group, a 25.