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Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 23, 2015

Greatest bridge group ever

How can I express my gratitude to you for your help in making our group grow.

We’ve gone from an average of four tables to eight tables in the past few months. So many friendly and nice people have been added. With this addition of people, some existing problems are multiplied. With your help we can solve these issues.

Excessive, out of control noise and chaos at the start of the game must be curbed. At no other game in our area is this level of noise tolerated. By 12:55 p.m. all should be waiting quietly in their seats, able to listen to announcements and to start play by 1:00. Once play has started, there is to be no discussion of the hand or other talking, showing respect for others still playing.

This reign of quiet should help with our other problem, speed of play.  Since bridge is a timed event at every location, we should be able to play 27 boards in 3 ½ hours without any problem, and be finished by 4:30 p.m. We can then be out of the center by the 5 p.m., Rufty-Holmes’ deadline.

It is expected that seven minutes should be enough time to play one board. Hence, when the timer goes off to mark the end of the round, any boards not actually being played are to be replaced in the holders and players ready to move for the next round. If there is time at the end of the session players may be able to finish the missed boards. The director will assign a score for the boards not played. Disciplined play will make the game even more pleasant for all. Silence and speed are our friends

Winners at the Friday, Aug. 14 game were: N/S First, Judy Gealy and Carol Bachl; second, Pat Featherston and Dick Brisbin; third, Ruth Bowles and Marie Pugh; fourth, Judy Hurder and Stella Shadroui. E/W: First, MaggieCanup and Toni Iossi; second, Pat Macon and Patsy Reynolds; third, Chuck and Margaret Rimer; fourth, John and Myrnie McLaughlin.

The best N/S score4CE-2 was made by the David Goffs and the best E/W score 1NTE+3 made by Terri Burnham and Loyd Hill.

Featured is board #10 from Friday, Aug. 14 Evergreen game   All vulnerable    East dealer


S  K Q 6 3 2

H T 8 6 3

D  9 6

C 5 2

WEST:              EAST:

S  9 8 7 5           S  A

H  —­                   H  A K J 7 2

D  A Q 5 4 2       D  J T 3

C  Q J 6 4           C  T 8 7 3


S  J T 4

H  Q 9 5 4

D  K 8 7

C  A K 9

Congratulations to the big winners at Tuesday, August 18 Women’s Club game. Taking first with 79.17% were Fern Albracht and Ron Jeffers; secon, Judy Gealy and Carol Bachl; third, Wade Lowder and Georgia Sorensen.  Good game all.

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