Talkback: What online readers say about …

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 21, 2015

… City staff evaluating traffic light times across Salisbury

Anyone from the old cruising days back in the 1960s knew you could hit Main Street at 17 mph and make it all the way through town without having to stop. Harvey Mathias was traffic engineer then, before he made city manager. They had the lights synced back then with mechanical switchers, so with the computer controllers they have now it would seem to be easier. He did it with a stop watch.

— Paul Rendleman

A good traffic flow study should include input from pizza delivery drivers. They know the lights, the routes and the shortcuts to take to avoid problem areas.

— Carl Prine

I wish they would put the turn signals back to normal. They could use the flashing yellow at the end of the green arrow instead of it just turning red.

— Johnny Deadmon

I hope they reset the light at Innes and Lee. That thing takes over 5 minutes

— Greg Rapp

…. Twelve Rowan-Salisbury schools to provide free meals to all students

So basically the schools with a higher Hispanic and African American number of children. I say if you’re gonna do for some, then do it for all.

— Wendy and Mike Hicks

I agree. If you’re doing one school, they all should get it, like Cleveland and Mt. Ulla schools.

— Donna Hobart

That’s right, do for all or don’t do for some schools; there’s a lot of families that can’t afford to buy school lunches for their kids.

— Sandra Brown

It is not fair to exclude some schools.

— Missy Williams

… Former local administrator named principal of statewide online charter school –

I have worked with Nathan Currie as a teacher, principal and administrator. He is a fine man and I wish him, and this undertaking, great success.

— Deborah Krueger

Nathan Currie was a wonderful assistant superintendent for RSS, a professional, focused person. Congratulations on your appointment in this innovative work.

— Kay Wright Norman

I’m excited about this virtual school being available now in NC. My daughters were in Connections Academy in Oregon. It is a wonderful program. Welcome, Mr Currie. We appreciate you taking the role of principal in this school! My daughter starts class with Connections Academy here in NC on Monday! Yay!

— Glory Talbott

Nathan Currie is the man for this job. He is dedicated and centered on making anything he’s doing a success. He will ensure that his students have everything they need to be successful. Nathan will hire the best teachers out there and he will support them as they help develop the minds of their young students. He is also a fine young man with excellent leadership skills. Congratulations.

— Ricki Pala

Congratulations, Mr. Currie! I had him as a teacher in fifth grade at Hanford Dole. He was an amazing teacher and from what I am reading he was a great principal and assistant superintendent. I can honestly say that he was one of my favorite teachers. I know for a fact he will do wonderful with the NC Connections Academy.

— Savannah Marett

I had the privilege of working under Mr. Currie’s leadership. He provided me with the latest teaching methodologies and gave me sound advice in regard to classroom management. He has also intervened effectively and diligently in discipline issues whenever I needed him. He showed an insight into the concerns exchange professionals need to face and was supportive throughout the process. I am convinced he will do extremely well in his new position. He is a true professional and an excellent human being.

— Hernan Buceta

… The war on NC’s public schools

There is very little, if any, “education” emanating from public schools anymore; it’s now more like a race to the bottom. People like you are simply shielding themselves behind the children in your relentless demand for more money while continually accomplishing less.

— Steve Pender

Mr. Pender’s lack of familiarity with school budgets is deliberate, like many of those who continue to deny the cold, hard facts. … North Carolina’s failure to recognize the importance of funding public education will only be seen when families start moving to other states to assure the quality of education for their children.

— Bill Bucher

… Two sources, two standards

Another great article that allows others to know the facts. We are still confused over all that has come out in the past year. Thanks for a very well written article.

— Deborah Graham

CEO Lynn Good … is no different than the tobacco company CEOs that swore for years that there were no serious health issues that came from smoking. Our drinking water is at risk. … Once it’s polluted, there’s no fixing it. It’s long past time for citizens to demand action by our elected officials to hold Duke and other polluters accountable.

— Raymond Moore

Yet another reason that Rowan County needs countywide sewer and clean water..

— Mark Lyerly

… Fleming Candy Co. owner dies

As the sadness and grief begin to recede, I can only feel joy as I got to talk about fishing with Mr. Fleming so many times. He shared with me so many ways to fish our beautiful High Rock. He loved sharing, but most I think he loved fishing. He was always very generous to me. He never cared whether I was a retired grandmother fisher woman or one of his buddies at the bass club. The last time I was in his shop he showed me one last “ secret” and promised me at least a five pounder! So I went right home and caught one of the biggest ever for me! Thanks, Mr. Fleming! Happy heavenly fishing!

— Stacy Erb

… Only one person to blame

This entire episode simply illustrates her arrogance and her belief that the rules simply do not apply to her. Had the rank and file civil servant used personal email to conduct Uncle Sam’s business, they would have been fired and very likely prosecuted.

And this woman thinks she is going to be your president?

— Eric Shock

…State closing rail crossing at Eudy Road

It is crazy that the DOT is allowed to close more crossings before the bridges are built to replace them. We are sill waiting for Klumac Road to reopen. …. The railroad is allowed to disrupt everyone’s lives, but the people are the ones that suffer. Traffic jams are becoming the norm and it will be worse once school opens next week. … What is the DOT going to do about 152 East near Carson High School?

— Ronnie Fulcher