Author signings next week

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 16, 2015

Loyd Hill, author of “Stolen Love Before/After,” will sign books at Literary Bookpost Saturday, Aug. 22, 12-2 p.m.

His book is a romance novel and a cautionary tale about a sailor who is more interested in lust than love, until he reforms himself.

The book is set in Hawaii near the end of the Korean War. Alvin has a torrid affair with the wife of a destroyer commander. He finally breaks it off as he realizes he could end up in prison for such an act.

Later, Alvin meets Marilyn, who happens to look like Marilyn Monroe, and begins to change his ways. He becomes an ambitious businessman and changes his focus to more suitable women. Unfortunately, Marilyn is also married, so they remain friends.

Alvin becomes the head of a wildly successful insurance company, earning millions of dollars. Along the way, he inspires and encourages others.

A tragedy strikes Marilyn, but it allows Alvin to spend more time with her and her children, whom he loves

The ending, of course, is a happy one.

Portions of the book are rather graphic, so this is a book for mature readers who will also understand better what the world was like in the late 1950s and 1960s.

Hill is the author of geneology books, a book on bridge, “17 Things That You Should or Should Not Do in the Bridge Game” and co-author of “Reap the Wild Seeds” with Marvin R. Query. He published this book through Xlibris.

Donna Girouard, who teaches at Livingstone College, has published “The Other Side: Closing the Door,” a memoir.

She teaches writing and literature at the college.

Her memoir tells the story of her family over three generations, beginning with her grandmother, who was Irish-American. Although Girouard never knew her grandmother, she knows she owned her own business in the 1903s. She writes of the family home her grandmother bought and handed down to her mother, who passed it on to her.

She says the house had a story to tell and she couldn’t rest until she told it.

Girouard wrote as a student, but not much after that. When she became adviser to Livingstone’s literary magazine, The Bears’ Tale, she began to write essays which have been published in literary magazines. She has been influenced by authors Mary Gordon and Frank McCourt.

She wrote the book to free herself from the “mental/emotional confines of my past.” She says the book also rights some wrongs. It is a collection of linked essays that tell the other side of three generations of secrets and a history of North Brookfield, Mass. She published the book through lulu.

She will sign books at Literary Bookpost Saturday, Aug. 22, 3-5 p.m.