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Uniform guidelines for Rowan-Salisbury students

This is a roundup of the uniform policies currently available for Rowan-Salisbury Schools. Not all schools have uniforms.

Elementary schools


Bottom wear may be solid navy blue, black or khaki. Polo-style uniform dresses may be any solid color. Bottom wear should measure several inches below the fingertips. No denim, knit, sweat, cargo or corduroy. No writing, logos, rivets, labels, sequins or decorations. No side pockets. Leggings must be solid color.

Shirts may be any solid color and have a collar. Only logo allowed is Cleveland Elementary or Cleveland Eagles. All shirts must be tucked in. Sweatshirts, sweaters or cardigans may be any solid color, without a logo and worn with the shirt collar outside. No hooded or zippered sweatshirts.

Coats and jackets must be hung up immediately on arrival at school. Solid, thin, zip-up jackets permitted. Closed heel and toe shoes. Headwear will be confiscated.

Granite Quarry

Bottom wear may be solid navy blue or khaki. Leggings and tights may be any solid color. All bottom wear must be appropriately sized. Black or brown belts of appropriate length may be secured in belt loops. No oversize buckles. No denim, sweat, knit or spandex pants.

Shirts may be any solid color and must be polo style with a collar. Granite Quarry logo only, or plain. PTA approved spirit shirts may be worn on Friday only. Sweatshirts must be solid color, plain or with school logo.

Coats will not be worn inside the building. Headwear of any type not allowed.

Tennis shoes required, must be flat, with no wheels, and closed toes and heels. No flip flops, bedroom shoes, heels.


Boys and girls: Any solid color (three to four buttons) knit polo shirt, short or long sleeves. Only logo permitted is Hanford-Dole. All shirts must be tucked in.

Sweatshirt must be a solid color and worn over a tucked-in polo shirt with the collar outside. No other jackets or sweaters may be worn in the building after school begins. No oversized hoodies or sweatshirts allowed.

Pants or shorts must be khaki, navy blue, black. No cargo pants or external zippers. Girls skirts, skorts, capris, culottes or jumpers must be khaki, navy blue or black. Belt required on clothing with belt loops. No denim, warm-ups or sweat pants.

Only closed toe and heel shoes. Solid color socks and tights.


Shirts and blouses may be any solid color, polo style, short or long sleeves.Turtlenecks may be any solid color.

Pants and shorts must be mid-thigh or longer, in navy blue, black or khaki. Sweatshirts may be any solid color. Other jackets or sweaters may not be worn in the building. No zippered or hooded sweatshirts; belts required if there are belt loops; girls may wear navy blue, black or khaki skirts, skorts, capris, culottes or jumbers, navy blue, black white or khaki tights without designs or patterns. Socks may be any solid color; shoes must have closed toes and heels.

No sweatbands, head wraps, hats, doo-rags, skull caps, bandanas, picks or combs worn in the building. No denim. No spandex or yoga pants, Heavy coats must be taken off inside the classroom.


Pants, skirts, etc. must be plain navy blue or tan khaki. Boys may wear long pants or shorts, girls may wear pants, shorts, capri pants, jumpers, skirts or skorts. No warm-up, sweat pants or denim or knit pants.

Tops must be classic red, navy blue or Oxford gray and must have a collar and display no logos. Knollwood T-shirts may be worn on Fridays.

Sweatshirts, cardigans or sweaters must be classic red, navy blue or Oxford gray. No logos. Knollwood sweatshirts are acceptable.

Jackets must be one solid color with no logos or decorations. Jackets not uniform color may not be worn in the building. Closed toe and heel tennis shoes must be worn. Socks may be any color. Leggings must be solid white, navy blue, red or black.


Pants, etc. must be khaki or navy blue; belts, if worn, should be black or brown; all bottom wear must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee, all items must be hemmed; no denim, knit, corduroy or sweatpants. Cargo pants allowed. No decoration on any pants.

Shirts must be classic red, navy blue or yellow, and have a collar; turtlenecks are allowed. Only Shive logos acceptable. Sweaters, cardigans and sweaters must be classic red, navy blue or yellow, must be worn with uniform collar on outside. Sweatshirts cannot be hooded or have zippers. Outerwear must be hung up immediately upon arrival at school. Closed toe and heel shoes must be worn. Shoes must match. Socks and tights must be solid white, red, blue or yellow. No bandanas, hats, doo-rags, stretch wraps, decorative scarves, combs or picks on campus.

Middle schools

China Grove

Shirts: Navy blue for sixth grade, hunter/forest green for seventh grade, red for eighth grade. Polo or Oxford style, with collars.

Boys and girls may wear khaki knee-length or longer pants. Girls may wear pleated or A-line skirts or jumpers knee length or longer. No sag and drag or rolled up pants. No tight pants, sweatpants, lounge pants, cut-offs, or warm-ups. On jeans day, students may only wear blue jeans, no other color.

Sweaters, sweatshirts and hoodies must be the appropriate grade color. Only logo permitted is CGMS.

Flip-flops, slides or bedroom shoes not permitted.

Baggy or oversize coats and jackets are not allowed. Coats worn to school will not be worn in the building. Jackets, if worn in class, must be solid and grade level colors, gray or black. CGMS jackets permitted.


Shirts: Hunter or kelly green for sixth grade, royal or navy blue for seventh grade, red or burgundy for eighth grade. Polo shirts.

Plain, solid khaki or black pants, shorts, capris and skirts acceptable. No blue jeans. No decoration, rips or tears.

CLMS spirit hoodies may be worn at any grade level. Sweatshirts may be worn but must be grade-level colors or CLMS spirit gear. Polo must be worn under hoodies and sweatshirts. Jackets and coats will be placed in the student’s locker at the beginning of the day. The same goes for winter headgear and gloves. All headgear must be removed upon arrival at school.

No writing on the body. No offensive symbols or messages. No gang signs.


Shirts: Polo style. Red for sixth grade, royal blue for seventh, navy blue for eighth grade. Navy blue or khaki pants, shorts capris and skirts. No logos or navy or khaki jeans, leggings or knits. Solid color tights may be worn under a skirt or jumper.

Sweatshirts, sweaters, fleece must be in grade level color and plain or with Knox logo only. Knox hoodies and royal blue Knox sweatshirts may be worn at any grade level.

Coats and jackets must be placed in the locker on arrival. Shoes must be closed heel and toe.

All headgear must be removed on arrival and stored in locker.

Bags of any kind are not allowed in classrooms. Pocketbooks, handbags, cinch sacks and book bags must be placed in locker. Student allowed to retrieve items for physical education.


Shirts: Polo style. Burgundy for sixth grade, hunter green for seventh and navy for eighth grade.

Pants must be navy blue or khaki, without any decoration. No denim. No logos except SEMS. Turtlenecks in grade colors only.

Sweatshirts or sweaters must be in grade colors only, with Polo shirt worn underneath. Vests, jackets, coats must be placed in locker on arrival.

No headgear worn inside, no combs, picks, headbands, sweatband. Team or group wear may be worn on game or event days. SEMS Gear shirts only may be worn on Fridays.

Henderson Independent High School middle school students must wear khaki bottoms and kelly green button-down shirts.



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