4-H’ers compete in Junior Dairy Show

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 13, 2015

By Sara Drake

4-H Extension Agent

The Rowan County Holstein Club hosted the annual Rowan County Junior Dairy Show on July 29 at the Rowan County Fairgrounds.  The show had 19 youth exhibitors. The judge for the evening was Shelley Lutz of Harmony.

The Junior Dairy Show consists of two competitions: fitting and showmanship and type classes. During the fitting and showmanship class, youth are judged on how well they present their animal and their knowledge of their animal.

Youth were divided into four age categories for fitting and showmanship: Cloverbud (ages 5-8), Junior (ages 9-12), Intermediate (ages 13-15), and Senior (ages 16-18). Carley Carpenter, Ansley Hoffner, Owen Hoffner and Finley Moore participated in the Cloverbud fitting and showmanship.

Haley Foster and Tyler Horne participated in the Junior category, with Foster earning first place. In the Intermediate category, Colby Menius placed first, followed by Sydney Nash and Britney Alexander.

Ryan Menius placed first in the Senior category, with Sam Kennedy in second and Valerie Karriker in third. Other exhibitors showing were Emily Barbee, Miranda Belk, Luke Carpenter, Khara Fesperman, Sam Hager, Cheyenne Hunter and Jonathan Luther.

In the Cloverbud category, youth received a participation ribbon. The Junior, Intermediate and Senior categories are judged on the Danish system. In the Danish system of judging, exhibitors are held to a standard and measured individually on how well they meet that standard instead of being judged against the other competitors. In this competition, each competitor earned a blue ribbon.

The type classes are determined by breed and age of the cow. A Junior, Senior and Grand Champion are also named for each breed. Competing for Junior Champion are all heifer calves and yearlings. Competing for Senior Champion are cows that are 2 to 5 years in age. The Junior Champion and Senior Champion compete for the Grand Champion.

Tyler Horne exhibited the Junior Champion and Grand Champion Brown Swiss. Haley Foster exhibited the Junior Champion and the Senior Champion Holstein. Her Senior Champion Holstein earned the Grand Champion Holstein. Jonathan Luther exhibited the Junior Champion and Emily Barbee exhibited the Senior Champion Jersey and also earned the Grand Champion.

The Rowan County Holstein Club members consist of various dairy farmers across the county who own various breeds of dairy cows. In addition to farmers, agricultural teachers and agricultural industry personnel are able to join. Currently serving as president of the club is Andy Corriher. For additional information about the Rowan County Holstein Club, contact the Rowan County Extension Office at 704-216-8970.