Bus fire leaves many questions unanswered

Published 10:27 am Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Post reporter Shavonne Walker is on the scene of a bus fire that occurred earlier this morning on I-85 near exit 79. Several questions about what happened remain unanswered.

About 80 passengers were on board the charted bus when a front tire blew out, witnesses report. Accounts vary from this point, but some passengers have said the bus driver got out, got on another bus that was traveling along, and left. Passengers sat on the side of the highway for at least an hour.

Passengers also say someone attempted to fix the tire with a fix-a-flat can.

The fire started around the wheel well.

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Passengers also reported someone got off the bus, sprayed something on the fire and it flared up. That person then told people to get off the bus and panic ensued as passengers jumped from windows and jammed exits.

The investigation is continuing. Some of the people involved do not speak English, so the Highway Patrol is having some difficulty getting an account of what happened.

Two Rowan-Salisbury activity buses picked the passengers up and took them to the McDonald’s on East Innes Street.