Quotes of the week

Published 8:16 pm Thursday, August 6, 2015

“We just allow people to speak from their hearts.”

— Tonya Miller Cross, Peace Circle organizer, on the monthly gathering at Mean Muggs to discuss racism, poverty and social disparities in Salisbury-Rowan

“We have to take on more roles. We’re pulled left and right.”

— Kristi Cauble, teaching assistant, on taking on more duties as the state funds fewer positions

“I just think the further we get down the road on this the more valuable that property becomes.”

— Greg Edds, chair, Rowan County commissioners, on uses for West End Plaza

“Lawmaker-led prayer is fully consistent with what the
Supreme Court has recognized to be the purpose of legislative prayer.”

— Amicus brief filed on behalf of attornies general from several states, supporting Rowan’s position on commissioner-led prayer at the board’s meetings

“We really only need $1,999,999.99. … We already have our lucky Penny.”

— Bill Burgin, United Way board member, on reaching $2 million goal in campaign led by Penny Greer-Link