Column: Nothing short of a blessing

Published 10:31 pm Friday, July 31, 2015

Well, readers of Rowan County, I promise to keep this short and sweet. Friday was my final day at the Salisbury Post.

An opportunity elsewhere came avaialble, and I decided I could not let it pass.

It has been nothing short of a blessing to be the sports editor at the Salisbury Post. A career’s worth of moments has been crammed into the past 355 days.

The most recent came Tuesday when Rowan County’s American Legion program won its eighth state championship in a thriller against High Point on a hot afternoon at Newman Park. It was a moment filled with emotion from players and fans.

Seeing things like that are why we do what we do in the sports department at the Post. We want to share those stories with those who could not be there and try to convey that feeling through our words.

I cannot thank you enough for allowing us into your homes every day via the printed word.

People in the surrounding area know the reputation of the Salisbury Post sports coverage. It was a lot to live up to, and my goal was to make sure we did our best to maintain that quality.

If we didn’t, you let us know. I take that as a compliment because you care that much.

Even though I am moving on from covering sports in Rowan County, this place and everyone here will always be with me. I experienced so much in the past year that will never be forgotten.

I also cannot say enough about those whom I had the pleasure to work with, first and foremost being sports reporter Mike London.

The dedication and effort he puts into this section day in and day out is amazing to seeĀ and cannot be overstated. Aside from the amount of energy we put into each and every day, we had our fair share of laughs during the late nights as we put one day after another into the books.

I appreciate publisher Greg Anderson and editor Elizabeth Cook for giving me this chance. I will miss all of those in the office on Innes Street.

Once again, thank you.