Police: Man touching himself in public charged with indecent exposure

Published 11:15 am Monday, July 27, 2015

By Shavonne Walker


Rowan authorities say a Kannapolis man was charged after he was discovered masturbating repeatedly at Royals Creek Access area, not far from people who’d been swimming there.

The incident occurred Saturday at the Alcoa-owned property, also known as Riles Creek and located off Stokes Ferry Road just south of the Tuckertown Reservoir.

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office charged Santos Cordova Rodriguez, 55, of the 300 block of Village Park Road, with misdemeanor indecent exposure.

Officials said a Rowan sheriff’s deputy was approached by a wildlife officer who said he observed Rodriguez park at the access area around 4 p.m. and unload fishing gear.

The wildlife officer said there were people walking around the parking area behind Rodriguez, several playing in the water and on the bank. The officer said Rodriguez unzipped his pants and began masturbating. He then walked under a bridge, all the while staring at two women and three children.

Rodriguez returned to his original spot and again began fondling himself. He stopped when the group walked by and continued after they passed by him. The man at one point went to his car and pulled a brown paper bag from it that contained a tall, blue can.

Rodriguez moved closer to the same group of people, moved behind shrubs, and continued to masturbate while staring at them, a report said. This behavior went on for about 40 minutes, the report said.

Officials said it did not appear that the women and children saw Rodriguez. He has since been released from the Rowan County jail on bond.