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Letters to the editor – Sunday (6-28-15)

Court ruling bends to man’s sinfulness

After the Supreme Court ruling that gay marriage is legal in all 50 states, we pray for God’s forgiveness. In the end of times the Bible says that wrong will be right and right will be wrong.  May God bless and forgive us for man’s sinfulness.

— Bob and Susan Pharr


Take it up with God

The shooting in Charleston: Why did God allow this evil to happen?

Let’s go back in time: Jeremiah 18:11 God tells Jeremiah to go preach to the people “repent of your evil ways.” They did not retain God in their lives; they were secular. They said, “We will do whatever we want.”

God says “I will make this land desolate. … I will scatter them all over the world. … I will bring all the evil (judgment) that I have pronounced upon this city, because they have hardened their necks and have not paid any attention to what I have said.” And it came to pass.

In America, God is not allowed in schools, no 10 Commandants in public. You can mention Allah, Mohammad, say G.D. or watch people have sex on TV, but don’t mention the name of Jesus. This is the spirit of anti-christ. They aren’t worried about offending someone; they hate Jesus. Abortions, homosexual marriages, churches condoning what God has called sin.

God brought evil (judgment) on Israel for their sins. Has God changed or is He the same yesterday and today? Could this be a warning like Israel got? I don’t know. If you disagree with me, don’t fuss with me. Take it up with God; He said it.

— John Hill


Voting and guns

The massacre in Charleston has brought out the firearm control advocates, again. What is more astounding at the same time is that there is a group of citizens trying to compare firearm control to voter identification.

The comparison of voter laws to the firearm laws is like trying to compare a grapefruit to a grape, with voter laws being the grapefruit and ownership of firearm laws being the grape.

The U.S. Constitution prevents infringements upon one’s right to own a firearm. The U.S. Constitution provides no such protection from infringement on one’s right to vote. The U.S. Constitution in four cases states that one’s right to vote cannot be abridged because of race, sex, poll tax or for those beyond 17 years of age. There are no other constitutional rights when it comes to your rights and qualifications to vote.

Voting is the most precious and valuable benefit we have as United States citizens. The requirements to insure who is voting should be much more stringent than the requirements to own a firearm. Our vote in and of itself is the most powerful tool we have to fight a tyranny. When voting will not stop the tyrant, then we need the firearm. That is why our Founding Fathers worded the Second Amendment in the manner they did.

The U.S. Constitution leaves the control of voting to the states and as such North Carolina’s new election law does not oppress or suppress anyone’s vote. There are many progressives and members of the Democratic Party that claim otherwise. Why they make such absurd claims will have to be answered by those who make such claims.

In the final results, one’s right to own a firearm is less important that one’s right to vote. Voting should therefore require much more scrutiny than owning a firearm.

— Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount

Thankful for faith

When I read the letters to the editor, I realize how thankful I am to be a Christian and know the Gospel, that Jesus died, shed his blood, and rose the third day to pay my sin debt. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.

— Kim Buelin


Welcome surprise

On behalf of the nonprofit directors who make up the Neighbor to Neighbor group, I am writing to thank the men from Toyota Racing Development who surprised us by buying our group’s lunch at Mambo Grill on Wednesday. This random act of kindness touched each of our hearts and was truly appreciated! #payitforward

— Jennifer Canipe




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