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Talkback: What online readers say about …

… People with concerns about Confederate monument say it’s time to talk

Salisbury’s Confederate Monument was erected during a period when Civil War monuments were erected all over the country— in part as a means to regional reconciliation and healing. It is clearly a monument to the Confederate dead and praises the character of the Southern soldier — courage, endurance, sacrifice, valor. It is not a monument to the war, or any of its political or military leaders. Salisbury was far from being a hotbed of Confederate sentiment during the War. Gov. John W. Ellis was reluctant to secede from the Union, and only did so when asked to send soldiers to fight the Southern states.

— Annie Belle

There is not a soul living in Salisbury that hasn’t always known that this monument is there. It’s been there 106 years, it didn’t just appear last week when the band wagon rolled into town. It’s history, just like all the memorials over in the National Cemetery. I’m sure there are a lot of Southerners who don’t care for them being there, so do we just start a movement to remove anything and everything that would offend someone, anyone? Where would it stop? Use the monument as inspiration if nothing else, look how far so many have come …

— Jeff Karriker

Unlike the flag, this monument is a memorial to the dead, much as a tombstone over a grave. If it has evolved over time to mean something else, then the next time I’m back in Rowan, I’d better pay a visit to my father’s grave and take a look at his tablet (also carved with name and number) just to make sure its meaning hasn’t changed over time as well!

— Jay Mack Williams

Liberalism has taken over our schools and colleges, as well as social and news media outlets; and it has created an atmosphere unlike any ever seen in our country’s history. Rather than trying to understand this unprecedented wave of mass-shootings (or in once case, a deadly bombing), usually committed by young college-aged psychotics, they treat this last mass-shooting in Charleston as if it’s somehow different. So they keep doing just as they’ve been doing all along; blaming anything else they can find, and then demanding we “talk” about “it” rather than talk about what they themselves have created.

— Steve Pender

Since both black and white soldiers fought for the freedom of the South against the Union, I have always viewed “Fame” as an angel with each of the soldiers. There is nothing about this statue that says it only a white soldier. As a Army brat, I knew we were close to home when I saw Fame, and when we went back to Fort Bragg and I saw Fame I knew we had a long way to go. I just loved the idea that there was an angel with all soldiers. Only those that don’t know the history of the Civil War would consider this beautiful statue racist. Look with different eyes that the angel was there for all the soldiers as I always have.

— Mary Wyatt Corriher

Leave this alone! No one was concerned about this until the media stated this mess. The Political Correctness is ruining our country! Wake up, people! Everything being done by our government is to divide us, not unite us! I don’t remember in my 47 years of living in Salisbury one person utter one word about removing this memorial until a few weeks ago! Someone please explain to me why you want this gone so bad NOW?????

— Lynn Kesler

I am under the impression that very few if any wants Fame removed. When ever the Confederate battle flag is waved, especially so soon after the Charleston massacres, a red flag excites the bull. It was the group with the Tea Party and Confederate battle flags that provoked the reaction. The media capitalized on the event and its reaction.

I agree, leave this alone unless it provokes an honest conversation about race relations.

— Reginald Brown

Where does this end? Why don’t we start tearing down historic buildings built by slave owners? Should we remove grave markers of Confederate dead? Should we change street names? Change the names of military bases? Erase the fingerprints of a tragic time in our history just to appease the offended? If this is the case we need to start looking at all things that could be offensive to all groups. If you make concessions for one group, you must make them for all. Anything less equates to descrimination.

— Chris Waller

After years, Commissioners vote to join Thread Trail by slim margin

Randi Gates has spearheaded this effort very professionally as part of the Carolina Thread Trail, and now works for Stewart consulting. She’s done a great job around the county, and the county has an ordinance prohibiting the use of eminent domain to take land for the trail. With that safeguard in place, the decision was much easier for commissioners to make, as Chairman Edds state. Congratulations!

— Jeff Morris

Great move by the commissioners. There is money set aside specifically for Rowan County for this project and there is already a lot of land in place owned by the county, municipalities and the LandTrust for Central NC that can be used. I agree with Jeff with the ordinance prohibiting the use of eminent domain for the Trail I think land owners are protected.

— Edward Norvell

I would be OK with it if it was not set up to take people’s land!!! You cut through family farm lands and will not pay what it’s worth then if the family doesn’t pay you condemn the land and take it!! Part of the land runs through the 100 year flood plain! How does cutting down trees and putting gravel across grass help the environment???

— Katie Bostian



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