Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 14, 2015

1. “Crossroads: Past into Present,” the name of Salisbury’s mural on West Fisher Street, was dedicated in 1980. How many local residents are depicted in the mural?

A. 51

B. 81

C. 111

D. 141

2. Visiting artists spent about two weeks repainting many of the people and other features in Salisbury’s downtown mural. Who painted the mural originally 35 years ago?

A. Phyllis Steimel

B. Janie Allen

C. Clyde

D. Cynvia Arthur-Rankin

3. Rowan County commissioners are considering a change to their ordinance that prohibits alcohol on county property. For what county-owned property might this alcohol restriction be removed?

A. Dan Nicholas Park

B. West End Plaza

C. Ellis Park

D. The former Department of Social Services building

4. Longtime local television sports anchor and ACC sportscaster Mike Hogewood will have a new job in the fall. What will he be doing?

A. He’ll be the football play-by-play voice of the Catawba College Indians

B. He will be the new executive director of the Salisbury-based National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association

C. He will be teaching a communications class at Catawba College

D. He will be doing sports-themed commercials for Food Lion during ACC football games.

5. Which one of these sportscasters was not inducted into the NSSA Hall of Fame last Monday?

A. Jay Bilas

B. Bill Raftery

C. Dick Schaap

D. Lesley Visser

6. Salisbury City Councilman William R. “Pete” Kennedy has said he will not seek re-election this fall, meaning his 22 years on the council will come to an end. Kennedy and what other person have the distinction of serving on council longer than anyone else?

A. L.F. Cox

B. Margaret Kluttz

C. Paul Bernhardt

D. Holmes Plexico

7. Catawba College will soon be producing more of what than all the other colleges and universities in North Carolina?

A. Graduates in drama

B. Environmental science graduates

C. Solar electricity

D. Honey

8. East Rowan High baseball pitcher Joseph Peeler was drafted by what Major League Baseball team Wednesday?

A. Seattle Mariners

B. Tampa Bay Rays

C. Baltimore Orioles

D. Chicago Cubs

9. In the summer of 2014, Rowan-Salisbury Schools provided more than 68,000 meals — breakfasts and lunches — to children while schools were on break. The program returns this summer, thanks to a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant. How many Rowan County meal sites are there?

A. 6

B. 8

C. 11

D. 23

10. The N.C. House followed the N.C. Senate’s lead by overriding Gov. Pat McCrory’s veto on Senate Bill 2. The four legislators representing Rowan County all voted in support of SB 2, which does what?

A. Allows you to renew your driver’s license online without having to visit the Division of Motor Vehicles

B. Allows magistrates and staff members in county Register of Deeds offices to recuse themselves, based on religious objections, from issuing marriage licenses to gay or man-and-woman couples.

C. Allows state grants, not tax credits, for qualified historic preservation projects

D. Allows local school boards to open their meetings with Christian prayers only.