Quotes of the week

Published 12:15 am Friday, June 5, 2015

“My goal as mayor is to ensure we find ways to bring our community together rather than create a divide among opposing viewpoints.”

— Paul Woodson,  Salisbury mayor,  on not issuing a proclamation for Pride Day

“I believe God puts us in places in our lives for specific reasons. This could be one of those reasons.”

— Mike Caskey,  Rowan commissioner,  on continuing to press for sectarian prayer in meeting invocations

“If the village isn’t raising the child, then the children will burn it down just to get the warmth of it.”

— Alex Clark,  community activist

“Whatever you can do to increase the county supplement to teacher salaries, amen, hallelujah, they’re worth it. They’re worth it because the children are worth it.”

— Geoffrey Hoy, Democratic Party chair, to Rowan County commissioners

“Women should not have their personal decisions with their doctors second-guessed … by pharmacists or legislators with religious objections to their personal choices and behavior.”

Dr. Ada Fisher, N.C. Republican National Committee-woman and former school board member