GRAD Salisbury High School All County Scholars

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bryant Dixon Madison of Salisbury, son of Heather and Robert Altizer and Richard Madison and Julie Bartron.

High school clubs/ sports: Key Club, National Honor Society, Student Government Association, Varsity Golf, and Principal’s Advisory Committee.

Other extra-curricular activities, honors: Eagle Scout, AP Scholar, Proud employee at “The Hotdog Shack.”

Advice to freshmen: Don’t make excuses, and don’t park your Red Jeep Cherokee in the parking lot.

Favorite high school memory: Going to the Salisbury vs. North football game with my girlfriend, the score was 47-6 for all the Hornets who were wondering.

Proudest high school moment: When I found out that I had gotten a five on the AP Calculus AB exam, shout out to Ms. Hundley.

If I had $10 million, I would: Pay off all of the student loans I am about to accrue, and put a radio in my car. It needs one.

Jinesh Kirankumar Patel of Salisbury, son of Kiran and Mala Patel.

High school clubs/ sports: National Honor Society (VP during Senior Year), Junior Civitan (Treasurer during Sophomore year), Key Club, Student Government (School Treasurer during Sophomore year), Student Government (Class Treasurer during Junior Year).

Other extra-curricular activities, honors: Volunteering at the WG Hefner VA Medical Center (~100 hours), Junior Rotarian, STEM Scholar with Distinction.

Advice to freshmen: Do not be afraid to expand your horizons.

Favorite high school memory: Mr. McNeil and Principal Brown dancing on stage during a pep rally in the fall of my senior year.

Proudest high school moment: Winning a school wide election for student-body treasurer in my freshman year

If I had $10 million, I would: Pay off my house for my parents, set aside about $1 or 2 million for my college and medical school fees in the future, keep $5 million in savings, and then donate the rest to a charity.

Abraham Louis Post of Salisbury, son of Jon and Libby Post.

High school clubs/ sports: National Honor Society, Key Club, Spanish Club, Men’s Tennis, Men’s Golf

Other extra-curricular activities, honors: President of the Salisbury Youth Council.

Advice to freshman: Do whatever makes you happy in life, and don’t care what other people think. The person that you have to live with at the end of the day is yourself.

Favorite high school memory: Winning the regional doubles tennis championship with my cousin Alan my freshman year in a third set.

Proudest high school moment: Making all-county and all-conference in both golf and tennis in the same season while also taking 3 AP courses.

If I had $10 million, I would: Create several scholarships for Salisbury High Students that would last for many years. I would also take care of all of my family, and my extended family’s student loans. The remainder of the money would be put in a fund so that I could live off of the interest and I would save the rest for future generations.

•Gabriel James Steinman of Salisbury, son of Jenny and Tim Steinman.

High school clubs/ sports: National Honor Society, Teens with a Mission, Golf, Cross Country, and Salisbury Youth Council.

Other extra-curricular activities, honors: Eagle Scout, anything outdoors, climbing Grandfather mountain.

Advice to freshman: Your time in high school is limited but what you do with that time is not.

Favorite high school memory: Leading our student section at football games.

Proudest high school moment: Making lifelong friends at Salisbury High.

If I had $10 million, I would: Travel the Pacific Northwest and give the rest to Salisbury High School and my family.

•Arielle Marion Wimmer of Salisbury, daughter of Dr. Mark and Amy Wimmer.

High school clubs/ sports: National Honor Society, Key Club, Spanish Club, Women’s Varsity Cross Country, Women’s Varsity Soccer.

Other extra-curricular activities, honors: I have been extremely active with volunteer work through Rowan Helping Ministries and Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary, and I have accumulated over three hundred hours of community service over the course of my high school career. I have also taken the role of a mentor in my church’s Vacation Bible School over the summer. I have also played piano for nine years now, and I love being able to perform beautiful pieces at the occasional recital.

Advice to freshmen: Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself; high school is an opportunity to test the boundaries of your abilities and experiences. Advanced classes and sports are ways to prepare you for the rest of your life in both academics and leadership.

Favorite high school memory: My favorite high school memory is this year’s prom; I danced the night away with all of my best friends and we went bowling afterwards!

Proudest high school moment: One of the greatest honors I have received is the title of cross country captain during the fall of my senior year.

If I had $10 million, I would: Channel it towards my expensive college education in the pursuit of a PhD.