GRAD Rowan County Early College All County Scholars

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 3, 2015

• Jennifer Rae Compton of Salisbury, daughter of Kathi and Jimmy Compton.

Clubs and sports: National Honor Society, Girl Scouts, Junior Civitan, yearbook club and book club.

Extracurriculars and awards: Reading, writing and Rowan County Early College’s principal’s award

Advice for freshmen: It seems like a lot of work when you’re at the beginning of it, but when it’s all over, it’s worth it. Don’t be afraid of working hard. You’ll be grateful you did.

If I had $10 million, I would: travel Europe with my family. I’d pay for my undergraduate and master’s tuition and donate the rest to charities benefiting education for underprivileged children.