Teacher spotlight: Jenna Bernard

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jenna Bernard is a sixth-grade science teacher at Southeast Middle School.

Years teaching: 5 years

Family: Mom, Yvette; Dad, Steve; and Sister, Alyssa Bernard

Favorite tood: Mexican

Favorite color: Hot pink

Favorite TV show: “House”

Favorite book: “My Everest Story” by Mark Pfetzer

Favorite movies: “Home Alone,” “After the Sunset”

Favorite sport or team: Swimming (to participate), San Diego Chargers (as a fan)

Hobbies: Wine-tasting and traveling to new places to learn about new things, especially things about earth science

Dream vacation: Mediterranean Cruise

Prized possession: 1976 Pepsi collection glasses of Warner Brothers cartoons

Actor who would star in the movie of my life: Julia Jiles

Hidden talent: Being able to spark an interest in learning in others.

Motto: “Just keep — (insert whatever verb works — swimming, learning, moving etc.)

Three words that describe me: Creative, witty, dedicated

Someone who inspires me: Ms. Frizzle

Greatest Accomplishment: Hiked and explored the insides of two volcanoes and in one day

Favorite Quote: “Every time I thought I was being ‘rejected’ from something good, I was actually being ‘re-directed’ to something better.” — Steve Maraboli