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Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 24, 2015

This is the most used and useful convention in today’s game.

Maybe I’m one of the uninformed but I learned something from rereading this convention for my article.

We all know that in response to a 1NT bid, if you have more than 7 points and a 4 card major you bid 2 clubs asking for partner to name his 4 card major or 2 diamonds if he doesn’t have one.

What if you, as responder, have a poor 0-6 point hand, but 3 four card suits and 1 club.

Is this a good holding for a NT contract? Not usually.  So you with 0-6 points and 3 four card suits can say 2 clubs therefore forcing partner to name at least one of your 4 card suits.

Having 8 cards in any suit is a better bet. Your next move is a quick pass. Making a part score in a suit is always better than going down in 1NT.

On Friday, May 15 we had a smaller than normal crowd at our Evergreen game. Many of us went to the Greensboro Tournament. We hope you did well.

Winning at our game were: First, Pat Featherston and Dick Brisbin; second, Chuck and Margaret Rimer; third, Maggie Canup and Toni Iossi; fourth, Sorensen and Loyd Hill; fifth, Ruth Bowles and Marie Pugh.

For a change we’re featuring a very strange hand from our Tuesday, May 12 Women’s Club Game. It was board #7
All vulnerable  South dealer


S  A K 3 2

H  J

D  6 3

C  A K T 9 5 2


WEST:                      EAST:

S  6 5                          S  T

H  A Q 9 8 7 6 3       H  K 5

D —                          D  A K Q J T 9 8 7 4

C  Q J 8 3                 C  7



S  Q J 9 8 7 4

H  T 4 2

D  5 2

C  6 4

Dick Brisbin and Dave Goff had the best N/S score defeating 5HW 2 tricks. The best E/W score4HW +1 was made by Betty Bills and Myrnie McLaughlin. The other pairs were in the more obvious 5DE making. How would you bid and play this unusual deal?

Winners at the May 19 Club Championship Women’s Club game were: First, Fern Albracht and Carol Bachl; second, Dick Brisbin and Marie Pugh; tied for third/fourth Wade Lowder and Georgia Sorensen with Judy Hurder and Myrnie McLaughlin.

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