Letters to the editor – Tuesday (5-19-15)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Something to talk about

Did you hear about the African cowboy that was holding hands with a priest at a Rowan County park? The cowboy was dipping snuff and the priest was smoking a cigabutt.

A Baptist, a Mormon, a Buddhist and an atheist walked by.

The Baptist said, “How disgusting, an abomination!”

The Mormon said, “Amen! They both should know that tobacco is against them. It’ll be hard for them to get into heaven.”

The Buddhist said, “What a beautiful day for a walk.”

The village atheist said, “I think I’m in the wrong joke. I’m going over to the old Salisbury Mall and see if I can find me somebody to talk about the school board or the no-kill shelter.”

— Whitey Harwood


Prove a point

I applaud Ms. Linda Ketner for her view on racism. Of course, whenever you have rightness, you will always have opposition. So for the ones who have never been harassed and I’m one of them, may I suggest you get the 1970 movie, “Watermelon Man.” I don’t think the opposition would be so quick to change his color to prove a point.

— James E. Neely

East Spencer

Dog needs shade

This letter is for some people that live in along N.C. 150. I see the poor lab mix daily that you have chained to the dog house with no shade. He used to have a little shade but you cut the trees. It isn’t even summer yet and he is struggling to find shade. His food and water bowls are always empty.

This dog deserves better. I see you have another dog that gets to go inside. What’s wrong with the black dog? Please provide decent shelter and care for this poor animal or make other arrangements for his care. No living creature deserves to live like this.

— Jack Cornatzer


Duke pay plan?

I’d be very interested to learn how Duke is going to pay the $102 million fine. Will they be required to write a $68 million check to the state? Or will it be a “long-term fine” and they’ll be allowed to pay, say, $1 million/year for the next 68 years? And who is going to keep track of the $34 million for environmental projects and land conservation?

They stepped up to the plate and admitted wrong doing. Now they need to pay up, and not just in terms favorable to them.

My electric bill, by the way, went up by $4 this month, even though I had a credit balance at the end of my annual equal-payment plan last month. Could this be a way to pay for the fines?

— Esther Eppolite