Dr. Kenneth Bowen to become director of grant development and research

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 14, 2015

A.L. Brown High School principal Dr. Kenneth L. Bowen will be promoted to the position of director of grant development and research for Kannapolis City Schools beginning May 18. In his new position, Bowen will focus on finding additional funds for the district and begin planning for changes that will take place when the district opens a new middle school.

“As we anticipate opening a new middle school in 2017, and with the goals we have outlined in our new strategic plan, we know we will need resources beyond what we currently have in our state budget,” says Superintendent Dr. Pam Cain. “This position will focus on finding additional revenue and resources for the district, and Dr. Bowen is well qualified for the position.”

Bowen recently earned his doctorate of educational leadership degree from East Carolina University. He is experienced in research design and has an extensive background in all aspects of education, including overseeing learning and accountability in Pender County where the district saw great gains in student achievement under his leadership. He also has successful experience securing grants and designing new academic programs. He led the start-up of a Marine Science Academy in New Hanover County and earned a large STEM grant to help improve the school district.

As part of his new position, Bowen will begin designing magnet programs for grades four through six. Kannapolis City Schools is currently designing a new middle school, which is expected to open in August of 2017. When the new middle school opens, Kannapolis City Schools will transform the current Kannapolis Middle School into a second intermediate school. Both intermediate schools will serve students in grades four through six and become magnet schools. Each school will teach all subjects, but one will focus on the arts while the other will concentrate on science, technology, engineering and math.

Cain says the changes will be positive, but they will require careful planning to make them successful. “Having magnet schools will be a wonderful new opportunity for our students, and moving fourth graders out of our elementary schools will help us relieve overcrowding across the district. However, it also will create changes at multiple schools. That is why it is important for us to start planning now to find new resources to make the changes successful.”

“This is an excellent opportunity for me to make a difference for a greater number of students,” Bowen said. “I have enjoyed my time at A.L. Brown High School, but being able to design innovative programs and secure new resources for Kannapolis City Schools is very exciting. I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve in a greater capacity.”

Kannapolis City Schools’ Director of Students Services and Secondary Education Jessica Grant will become interim principal of A.L. Brown High School beginning May 18 and will serve until a new principal is hired. She has previously served as an interim principal and assistant principal of A.L. Brown High School.

Kannapolis City Schools has begun the process of hiring a new principal for A.L. Brown High School.