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Published 12:01 am Sunday, May 10, 2015

My mother Louise Ellis does not just hand out advice … she lives it. She is the most loving, generous and compassionate person I know. She speaks to everyone as if she has known them for years. She always has a BIG smile on her face.  She takes time to listen to people. Her advice through her actions is to be present, be a Godly presence and to present yourself as the very best you can be. I admire her and strive to be like her!

— Anne Ellis

Alice Jamison is the matriarch of the family. We Love her dearly for all of the life lessons taught to our family. It’s hard beating her fried chicken recipe that’s been handed down. Her best advice is to “Live your best life.” Most of all, as you are living your life, remember to take care of yourself spiritually, emotionally, and financially, because you don’t know what will happen from moment to moment!  Happy Mother’s Day — We Love You!

— T.J. Cowan & Family

My mother always said, “I won’t forbid you to do something, I will tell you why I wish you wouldn’t do it, then you make up your mind. If I forbid you, you will only do it anyway.” Needless to say I was a teenager at the time, and yes I did it anyway, a few times. Once I figured out she was right, I stopped doing whatever it was and learned my lesson. Gradually, I just took her advice in the beginning and just didn’t do what she asked me not to do. I used this logic on my daughter and am proud to say it had the same outcome.

— Vickey St. Lawrence

My mother was and is a teacher. Her advice was: “You can’t reach someone you don’t love.”

I’m now a pastor and follow that advice daily.

— Brian Daoust

My mother Evelyn Kluttz passed away last May. One of my sibling’s and my favorite “mom sayings” is, “Listen to your mother; she will never tell you wrong.”

Of course, we tell our kids this, too!

— June Pryor

My Mother Ruth Martin told me as a teenager, you can do anything in life that you want to, as long as you can take the consequences. And if you can’t, you had better think long and hard. It sure kept me from making a lot of mistakes in life. From the Best Mother in the world.

— Glenda (Martin) Fuller

My Mother Bertha S. Harris was a wonderful woman who raised two girls by herself after she and my Dad divorced after 12 years of marriage. She was the best, and I miss her so much. She passed away, it will be 15 years this September.

My Mother always told us to return negative action with a positive one showing Love. That a kind word can change the worst attitude in a person. She also always said the older you get, the faster times goes. How real is that. LOL. One of my favorites is the older a lady gets she will carry a bigger purse. That too is so real. My Mother always gave so much to others, always finding someone in need. What a great example she gave not only to me and my sister, but all that knew her.

Thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts and others that will share theirs. Mother is a special person in all our lives, and in all walks of life, she is always there to give great advice.

— Linda Jones

When eating crackers, my mother always told me to suck up the crumbs so they didn’t get on my clothes. I can’t eat a cracker to this day without thinking I must suck up the crumbs.        

— Yvonne Cregger

The best advice given to me by my mother was, “Believe in God, his words and stay in church.” In other words, be a good, moral person, a Christian. I didn’t always follow this advice, but currently I am, and my life is so much more fulfilling than when I ignored this advice. Thanks, mom!

— Jeff Long

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