Deeds, May 10

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 10, 2015

Real estate transfers filed in the office of Register of John Brindle with sale price indicated by revenue stamps. Deeds with no stamps are not listed.


Atwell Township

Michael K. Albright to Christopher K. Ridenhour and wife, $160,000

Carolyn Mills Cherry to Keith A. Nodine and wife, $50,000


China Grove Township

Grady Samuel Sloop and wife to E. Centerview St. CG, LLC, $150,000

Harry L. Hoggard and wife to Terry W. Belk and Alfred C. Jones, $305,000

Paul D. Broadway and wife to Sheldon Park N. Store LLC, $200,000

Jimmy H. Davis and wife to the Department of Transportation, $2,000

Michael Grady and wife to the Department of Transportation, $6,000

Rodney M. Goodman Sr. to the Department of Transportation, $1,000

James Douglas Wellmon and wife and others to Charlotte Investment Homes Inc., $28,000

Erma O. Jones to Derek White and wife, $90,000

Deborah J. Haslach to Lloyd Alen Welter and wife, $22,000

Gary Mason Moss and wife to Dawn M. Cullen, $85,000

Tony L. Fite and wife to Casey A. Fite and wife, $100,000

Isaac Whitfield Smith and others to Kevin D. Gladman, $126,000

Jeremy S. Crawley and wife to Diane W. Reardon, $50,000

Carl D. McGinnis and wife to the Department of Transportation, $9,000

Kenneth R. Kuehl and wife to Michael Karmatz, $63,000

Janette Heglar Bame to Mark Lefler and wife, $120,000

Peggy W. Rogers and husband to Gregory Mark Earnest and Mary Ruth Earnest, $120,000


Cleveland Township
Jane B. Waller as administrator of the estate to David J. Crate Jr. and Wendie C. Crate, $245,000

Nathaniel D. Greene to Evelyn L. Perdue, $60,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to U.S. Bank N.A. as trustee, $113,500


Franklin Township

U.S. Bank Trust N.A. to Stone Properties and Development LLC, $40,000

Mark T. Thompson and wife to Timothy P. Crisco and wife, $87,000


Gold Hill Township
Barry F. Hendrix and wife to Franciscus Martina Johanus Vlijmincx, $228,000

Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to CitiFinancial Servicing LLC, $37,000

David M. Morris, Jr. and wife to the Department of Transportation, $27,500

Sandra K. Engstrom to David J. Glass and wife, $43,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $35,500

Monica A. Butler and spouse to Justin Vanderford and Jennifer Ritchie, $95,000


Litaker Township

Webb Road Mini Storage, LP to Jowen Properties LLC, $450,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Josiah Moore, $94,000

Thomas Dexter Burris and wife to Thomas Alexander Burris and wife, $160,000

Mark E. Helms to George L. Pless and sons Land and Cattle Company LP, $53,000

Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to Charles F. Shuler, $116,000

Kevin Trexler to Donna Townsend, $117,500

Violet Third Street Holdings LLC to David Moody and wife, $1,000


Locke Township

Wilmington Trust N.A., as successor trustee to Reyna Carbajal-Hernandez and Jocelyn A. Espinoza-Carbajal, $23,000

Leland Michael Davis and wife to John Rosko and wife, $157,000

Dejona Bost to Timothy S. Schenk and wife, $155,000


Morgan Township

Stephen Charles Archibald and wife to Jonathan Spencer Lakey, $48,000


Providence Township

Plantation Ridge to Ronnie Calvin Elswick and wife, $241,000

Stephen William Knouse and wife to Jennifer Diane Long and James Lloyd Burleyson Jr., $165,000

Terry L. Hedenskog and wife to Randy M. Pope, $68,500

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Jesse S. Goldin and Margaret J. Goldin, $150,000

Slapshot Holdings LLC to Daniel Ralph King and wife, $167,500

Kim A. Rice and wife to Mark D. White and wife, $15,000

Kari L. Britschge and husband to Daniel R. Lambert, $124,000

Peter M. Antosek and wife to Steven D. Carson and wife, $300,000

Anna Marie Moffa to Duane Vanevery and Tracy Vanevery, $230,000

Billy B. Varnadore and wife to James Slate Young and wife, $220,000

Robert H. Peeler and Judy M. Peeler as trustees to Kelly E. Gainey, $158,500


Salisbury Township

Equity Trust Company as custodian to The Cognato Group LLC, $65,000

PNLNC 013 LLC to Relco Wendys Salisbury LLC, $1,882,000

Bank of America N.A., to The Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $78,500

Della R. Byrne to Bank of America N.A., $78,500

HIP Loans I LLC to Jose R. Soto, $6,000

W. Laine Byers and wife to Karon A. Torrence, $87,000

Jack T. Phillips Sr. to James L. Burleyson Jr., $22,000

Knight Custom Construction LLC to Laura L. Luhrs, $172,000

The American Home Real Estate Partnership IV LP to 2015B Property Owner LLC, $136,000

Bobby Lee Jones, Jr. to Stephne Atwood Allen and Peter Marcus Allen, $190,000

LD Properties LLC to Stone Properties and Development LLC, $25,000

Alan B. Powell as substitute trustee to Bank of North Carolina, $26,500

Anne Louis Ruoff to Y&Y Group Inc., $560,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to U.S. Bank N.A. as trustee, $62,500

Spencer Lane Construction LLC to Sandra L. Skinner, $278,000


Mt. Ulla Township

Howard Eugene Steward and wife to Daniel Andrew Stewart, $4,500


Scotch-Irish Township

Harold J. Thabet and spouse to Travis E. Donaldson, $85,000