Sheriff: Naked neighbor charged with indecent exposure, threats

Published 10:07 am Tuesday, May 5, 2015

By Shavonne Walker

Rowan authorities charged a Mooresville man with indecent exposure and communicating threats after his neighbor called to say the man was sitting on his back porch naked.

Rowan County Sheriff’s officials say Brian Tracy Carroll, 45, of the 2800 block of Deal Road, Lot No. 5, was charged with the misdemeanor offenses Saturday.

John Ault called authorities to say his neighbor, Carroll, was sitting on his back porch about 30 feet from Ault’s house and where his 17-year-old daughter typically rides her horse. Ault explained that his daughter told him she was uncomfortable with the naked neighbor, so Ault called law enforcement.

Carroll was drinking on the porch and completely nude except for a towel draped around his neck. Officers arrived and spoke with Carroll, who told them he had an issue with Ault and had no intention of putting clothes on, said Sheriff’s Capt. John Sifford.

Carroll told deputies Ault had made him angry,┬áso he sat in a chair on his porch naked. When deputies told Carroll there were children and other neighbors who could see him, Carroll said he didn’t care.

Ault told deputies that Carroll had┬áthreatened him and Allison Ault by telling them he’d use his AK-47 on them and that he’d use it before police arrived. When deputies asked Carroll about the threats, he admitted it and laughed, according to the report.

He was issued a $2,000 secured bond and has since been released from the Rowan County Detention Center.