Quotes of the week

Published 1:02 am Friday, May 1, 2015

“Every part of North Carolina will have a chance to build its economy.”

— Gov. Pat McCrory,

promoting  a state bond package totalling nearly $3 billion

“We know this information has been confusing, and we are eager to talk with these neighbors to answer any questions they have.”

— Erin Culbert,

Duke Energy spokesperson,

on results of tests done on  well water near the company’s coal ash ponds

“I think this place is the most fabulous thing since chocolate candy.”

— Sharon Gross,

who quit smoking cigarettes with the help of a class at the Community Care Clinic

“It’s all day every day. You can’t go pay a bill. You can’t run and get something to eat. You have to take a long route around for something that used to be a straight shot.”

— Stephanie Nail, Webb Road resident,

on the impact of closed railroad crossings

“I’m stepping down to focus on getting healthier and getting a new heart.”

— Scott Young, West Rowan High School football coach