Rowan County Planning Board approves two rezonings

Published 12:05 am Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Rowan County Planning Board on Monday approved one rezoning on Old Concord Road and a second located south of Faith.

The board’s first approved rezoning was for a property at 2604 Heilig Road from rural residential to commercial business industrial. The second was for a property on the corner of East N.C. Highway 152 and Castor Road from rural agricultural to neighborhood business.

Both rezonings passed without opposition.

Planner Franklin Gover during the meeting said he hadn’t been given a specific use for the building if the rezoning was approved. The rezoning was requested by Judy Edmiston, who lives in the Gold Hill area.

In his staff comments, Gover said the rezoning would increase flexibility for development; be adjacent to existing commercial, business, industrial district; align with future land use recommendations of the county’s land use plan and cause no future road capacity issues.

Gover showed a map of the surrounding area that showed property within the county’s zoning jurisdiction was mostly designated as commercial, business, industrial.

In the second scheduled hearing for a rezoning, Senior Planner Shane Stewart said the property at the intersection of N.C. 152 and Castor Road had been previously owned by a food distribution company. Father and son pair Wade and Brent Evans, who were requesting the rezoning and attended the meeting, said the property would be used for warehouse and office space.

Brent Evans described the business that would use the land as an “audio-visual installer.”

Sunburst Foods, which previously used the property, purchased the land in 1995, according to Stewart’s report. As part of a county-wide zoning effort, it was rezoned to rural agricultural in January 1998, but Sunburst was allowed to continue operations on the land.

Sunburst ceased operations late last year, according to Stewart’s report.

Stewart said Evans is in negotiations to buy the property from Sunburst.

Although most property surrounded the rezoned land is labeled rural agricultural, Stewart said the parcel would match with the county’s eastern land use plan. The parcel also sits at an intersection that would be appropriate for the requested zoning, Stewart said.

At the end of the meeting, Planning Department Director Ed Muire asked the board whether it would consider rescheduling its May meeting to avoid Memorial Day. The board wasn’t able to agree on a date to reschedule its meeting to, but didn’t approve a motion to cancel its May meeting.

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