Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:01 am Sunday, April 26, 2015

1. The Rowan County Board of Commissioners approved a deal last Monday to lease the largest hangar at the Rowan County Airport to what company?

A. Food Lion

B. Strategic Moves Aircraft Management

C. Patterson Farms

D. Jet Blue

2. A condition of the hangar deal at the airport is that the county will do what?

A. Provide a separate airport gate that leads directly to the corporate hangar

B. Build an adjacent office building and throw in $50,000 for up-fitting the hangar

C. Extend the runway by 1,000 feet

D. Provide upgrades to certain airport tracking systems

3. As part of Earth Day this year, students and teachers at A.L. Brown High School in Kannapolis went a day without what?

A. Plastic

B. Meat

C. Cellphones

D. Driving

4. What has Catawba College President Brien Lewis been doing in his free time over the last several weeks?

A. Training for a marathon later this summer in Charleston, S.C.

B. Grilling hamburgers for students every Thursday afternoon outside the student union

C. Taking batting and infield practice with the Catawba College baseball team as a way to keep in shape

D. Practicing for and performing in a role for a Piedmont Players Theatre production

5. The N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources sent letters telling several families living near coal ash ponds at Duke Energy’s Buck Steam Station to refrain from drinking their well water or cooking with it. Of 117 letters mailed statewide to residents living within 1,000 feet of coal ash ponds, how many of those letters cited contaminants exceeding state groundwater standards?

A. 37

B. 55

C. 87

D. 117

6. What can’t you do any longer at Rockwell Park?

A. Smoke

B. Play baseball

C. Fly kites

D. Use the shelter for religious events

7. About 30 West Rowan High School students were suspended last week when they took their demonstration in support of teacher Brian Linville, charged with assaulting a student, to a place they were told to stay away from. Where did they go?

A. Alongside the road in front of the school

B. The cafeteria

C. Around the school’s spirit rock

D. The football stadium

8. For eight springs, sisters Joy Gerock, Linda Thomas and Gayle Wilson have been hosts for a small festival off Leonard Road that features what Southern delicacy?

A. Fried chicken

B. Collards and greens

C. Pinto beans

D. Country ham

9. The Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education recently prioritized its most urgent capital needs. What project rose to the top?

A. A new Knox Middle School

B. A new bus garage

C. A consolidated warehouse to hold all of the school system’s heavy maintenance equipment and supplies

D. A new elementary school that would consolidate the Cleveland and Woodleaf schools

10. Homeowners in Rowan and Cabarrus counties are likely to see what happen come June 1?

A. Their property taxes will increase by 50 percent.

B. Their property taxes will decrease by 35 percent

C. Their insurance rates will go up by an average of 19 percent

D. Their insurance rates will go down an average of 19 percent


1. B. Strategic Moves Aircraft Management is a private, on-demand charter service that will be leasing the hangar.

2. B. Rowan County will build a 4,200-square-foot office building next to the hangar and include $50,000 for up-fits the company needs for the hangar.

3. A. The day without plastic at A.L. Brown High was the idea of the school’s environmental club.

4. D. Lewis is playing the role of Francis Henshall in the Piedmont Players production of “One Man, Two Guvnors.”

5. C. Of 117 letters mailed, 87 told recipients of groundwater contamination on their properties that exceeds state standards.

6. A. The Rockwell Board of Aldermen has banned smoking in the town park, mostly because of the litter issue from all the butts.

7. D. The students rallying for Linville were suspended after going to the football stadium against the school administration’s orders.

8. C. The three sisters recently held their 2015 “Pinto Bean Fest,” which offered about 10 different styles of pinto beans.

9. D. The school board has placed a top priority on a new elementary school, which would represent a consolidation of Woodleaf and Cleveland schools, while plans for a new Knox Middle School have been put on hold.

10. C. Only homeowners in Avery and Mitchell counties will possibly see their insurance rates go higher than the 19 percent average in Rowan and Cabarrus counties.