Deeds, April 26

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 26, 2015

Real estate transfers filed in the office of Register of John Brindle with sale price indicated by revenue stamps. Deeds with no stamps are not listed.


Atwell Township

Tony Lane Jenkins Jr. and wife to Lisa Revis and husband, $300,000

Keepsake Homes Inc. to Lauren K. Evans and Lawrence Brandon McReynolds, $40,000

Billy W. Larrimore Jr. and wife to Kevin Stolte and wife, $275,000

CommunityOne Bank N.A. to Bobby R. Tutterow and wife, $27,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., $18,000

Jones Richard Kirk Jr. to Nicholas T. Cherry and wife, $100,000

Deirdre D. DeFlorentis as substitute trustee to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., $86,000

Joyce Elaine Swineheart Moore as trustee to John Nicholson and spouse, $70,000


China Grove Township

Carol Ann Adams to James Dustin Hines and wife, $105,500

NEI Global Relocation Company to Pete H. Altman III and wife, $284,500

Tonya Durham Hicks and Jonathan Lee Hicks to NEI Global Relocation Company, $342,000

Ajaj Land Investments LLC to Jonathan Mark Bringle and Tamara Dellinger Bringle, $173,000

Franklin E. Gordon Jr. and wife to Deshan S. Gordon, $2,000

Benchmark Associates Limited Partnership to Benchmark Apartments LLC, $1,390,000

Amber Hoke to Dennis Brian Beaver, $5,000

U.S. Bankt Trust N.A. as trustee to Jeffery Ray Ritchie and Jennifer L. Ritchie, $44,000

Daniel Virgil Bolick and wife and others to Birav S. Patel, $56,000

Helen B. Rogers to Joshua Robert Mueller and wife, $168,500

CP-SRMOF II 2012-A Trust, U.S. Bank Trust N.A., to Humberto Amaya and Angelina Amaya, $72,000

David Lynn McKnight and wife to Hannah R. Burleson and husband, $137,000

Haskel B. Troutman and wife to the Department of Transportation, $500


Cleveland Township

George Martin Hunter and spouse to Cynthia L. Coxon, $99,000

Warren B. West and wife to Jeremy B. Harrill and wife, $201,000

Eloise H. Parker and others to Mario Beltran, $12,000

Mark T. Aderhold as substitute trustee to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., $22,500

Catherine L. Barrett and others to Edwards Timber Company Inc., $109,000


Franklin Township

Lisa Kluttz and husband and Mitzi Ross and husband to Mike H. Shuping, $81,500

Estate of Clara P. Sain by Jeffrey Powlas as executor to Brandon Wayne Basinger and Hannah Clark Basinger, $40,000

Isabel Chaparro to Daniel R. Kennerly and wife, $191,000

Pamela Ann Dixon and husband to Alecia L. Judd and husband, $400,000

Bristol David Little Jr. to Ruth Mae Bost Wood, $3,500

Bristol David Little Jr. to APC 2 LLC, $86,500

Daniel Jones and spouse to Erik F. Petersen, $132,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, $121,00

Linda K. Canovai as trustee to Nicholas Jeffrries, $47,500

James L. Carter Jr. to Mark Trexler of Buncombe County, $37,000


Gold Hill Township

Kristal N. Auten to Christopher Vaughan Bowman and wife, $110,000

Heather K. Pethel and husband to Brittany Schoefield, $79,000

Eliza Gonzalez Yanez and husband to Mary Katherine Richardson and husband, $60,000

Teresa Lynn Samuels to Jennifer M. Trexler and husband, $80,000

Town of Rockwell, North Carolina to Christopher C. Callahan and wife, $16,500

Sean T. McGowan and wife to Justin M. Wirth, $134,000

Sandra L. Skinner to Bradley D. Jones and wife, $265,000

Bradley David Jones and wife to Rhonda L. Morales and husband, $155,000

Glenda C. Trexler to Gregg Matthew Burris, $15,000

Kevin Hedspeth and wife to Jerehmy D. Warner and wife, $20,000

Alan B. Powell as substitute trustee to Bank of North Carolina, $41,500

Ernest Donald Hardin Jr. individuatlly and as administrator of estate to Timmy Neal Odom, $80,000

Willie Louis Taylor and Benjamin Dunaway and wife to The Department of Transportation, $1,500

Estate of Margaret W. Weant by and through Jane B. Arant, executrix of estate to Thomas H. Yoe III and wife, $155,000

Shawn P. Cochran and wife to Amber Cochran Lemoine, $161,000

Ronald Coy Cranford and wife to Edward Michael Burham, $110,000

Claude D. Flowe and wife to Clive L. Mahaffey and wife, $14,500

Bank of North Carolina to Nicholas S. Lockhart and Christy M. Bukovsky, $320,000


Litaker Township

Trimworks Inc. to William S. Loflin and wife, $91,000

Tamara Mahaley Loman and husband and Chad Daniel Zimmerman to Carrie N. Cress and Stephen R. Newton and wife, $100,000

Dana Pickler to Ray A. Wilberger, $115,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., $31,500

Patti H. Honeycutt to Richard Allen Hash and spouse, $122,598

George F. Stirewalt and wife to the Department of Transportation, $6,000


Locke Township

The Bank of New York Mellon as successor trustee to Jonathan A. Post and wife, $56,000

Travis S. Dampier and wife to Perry L. Minton and wife, $141,000

Plantation Ridge to Robert Christopher Mead and wife, $25,000

Claudia Jones Gardner and spouse to Kirk Properties of Salisbury LLC, $670,000

Ralph L. Jones III and wife to John J. Ferrel, $23,000

Alan B. Powell as substitute trustee to Bank of North Carolina, $49,000

R. Stevens Potter and wife to Cesar Yovani Perez Carbajal and Karia Rocio Argon Medrano, $94,000

Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Salisbury, N.C. to Douglas T. Proctor and wife, $23,000


Morgan Township

Emerald Bay Homeowners Association Inc. to Julian Richard Hattaway and wife, $10,000

Emerald Bay Homeowners Association Inc. to William B. Stiller and wife, $16,000

Robert F. Hall Jr. to David C. Hughey Jr. and Sharon C. Hughey, $221,500

James L. Stiller and wife to Angela Michele Goodman, $60,000

Dusty Wayne Steelman and wife to Richard Eugene Yates and wife, $10,000

Emerald Bay Homeowners Association Inc. to Dusty Wayne Steelman and wife, $10,000

Christopher D. Pelmear to Tommy Earl Barnhardt and wife, $10,000


Providence Township

E. Don Hardin Jr., LLC to Samuel Bivins Jr., $121,000

Daniel Plummer and Natasha Burnham to Amanda N. Erickson, $132,500

John J. Ridenhour Jr. and wife to Ricky K. Johnson and wife, $137,500

Built Green Inc. to Michael Aaron Church and wife, $249,500

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., $68,000

Gary A. Lingle and wife to Phillip P. Gibbons, Jr., $168,000

Michael T. Biddy and wife to Meredith Rae Julian, $10,000

Carl Stanton Cross Jr. and wife to Rodney Adam Gregory, $145,000

Bank of North Carolina to Robert Baker Julian III, $7,500

David L. Dockery and wife to Christopher D. Pethel and wife, $240,000

Carolina Rentals LLC to Bernd H. Hofmann and wife, $148,000

C-Tan Investments LLC to NC Postal Holdings LLC, $285,000


Salisbury Township

Richard R. McKinley and wife and others to Joseph L. Helms and wife, $230,000

Toni M. Wood, Buddy Wood and Gregory A. Meetze to Harold C. Hillcher, $55,000

Alane G. Privett Mills to Michael Lacasse, $17,000

Geri Lynn Spain as executrix of estate and others to Anita Taylor Edwards, $110,000

Derric G. Maddry as executor of estate to John A. Myers, $15,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A., $33,000

Historic Salisbury Foundation Inc. to Richard L. Shulenburger and wife, $32,000

FHM Properties LLC to New Sarum Holdings LLC, $251,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as trustee to Maximina Paulino, $15,500

JFM Properties Inc. to Built Green, Inc., $18,000

Alexandra K. Watts to Robyn L. Moody, $71,000

Estate of Bennie Boger to Harold Heilig and Terry Gladden, $25,000

Alan B. Powell as substitute trustee to Bank of North Carolina, $24,500

Alan B. Powell as substitute trustee to Bank of North Carolina, $19,000

Country Road Log Homes of Mooresville Inc. to Dana Thongrivong, $111,000

Sheryl Melchor Burch as executor of estate to Brenton J. Beeker and wife, $17,000

Philip E. Searcy as substitute trustee to North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, $69,000

S&S Properties to Edgar M. Villacis and wife, $20,000

R. Kendall Kluttz and wife to Jason G. Owens and wife, $230,000


Mt. Ulla Township

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as trustee to Jacob D. Saltz, $132,000

Jonna L. Rash to Zacharias S. Hampton and wife, $418,000

American Land Corporation-Charlotte Inc. to Don C. Murray and wife, $99,000


Unity Township

Clint S. Dagenhardt and wife to Jeffrey P. Pierce and wife, $240,000