Woman charged with drug possession after gas attendant calls police

Published 11:10 am Thursday, April 23, 2015

By David Purtell


A woman was charged with multiple drug offenses after a gas station attendant called police to report her.

Cynthia Davis, 43, of Kannapolis, was charged with trafficking opium and driving while impaired by the Rowan County’s Sheriff’s Office after she was pulled over Wednesday morning on Unity Church Road.

Police said a clerk at the BP gas station on Unity Church Road called police around 9 a.m. after Davis was in the store trying to buy a straw. The clerk told police that Davis appeared to be impaired.

A deputy responding to the call pulled over Davis on the 700 block of Unity Church Road. Davis was in a Chevy Suburban and driving erratically, according to the police report.

Davis had slurred speech and was drooling when talking to the officer. When asked if any drugs were in the car, Davis said no and then let the officer search the car.

The officer saw a straw with residue on both ends in the center console and a blue pill crusher. Eleven Xanax bars and 18.75 doses of hydrocodone were found in a plastic bag.

The opium charges stem from having the hydrocodone. Davis was also charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

She was taken to the Rowan County Detention Center and received a $201,500 bond.