Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:01 am Sunday, April 19, 2015

1. Salisbury truck driver Norman “Cuz” Towell recently made a special trip to Indiana. What was different about this trip?

A. He was carrying a load of Cheerwine to mark the soft drink’s introduction in Indiana

B. Driving for Food Lion, Towell hauled a load of groceries and produce meant to help victims of a tornado near Indianapolis

C. Towell drove a car carrier that was transporting six vintage cars from the N.C. Transportation History Museum to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

D. Towell drove back to Indianapolis to thank firefighters and medics who extracted him from his wrecked rig in 2013.

2. What do U.S. Reps. Alma Adams, D-N.C., Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., and Richard Hudson, R-N.C., have in common with former U.S. Sen. and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

A. They all will be candidates in the 2016 election process

B. They all were born in North Carolina

C. They all plan to attend the Lexington Barbecue Festival this fall.

D. They all protested the Vietnam War

3. Girls in the upper classes at Cannon School in Concord recently participated in something called the Selfie Project. What was it?

A. A contest to see who could take the best selfie by showing only half of her face

B. The project collected all the selfies taken by the girls and used them to spell out “Cannon” at the school entrance

C. Enlarged selfies of all the participants were displayed in a school auditorium, and girls were encouraged to stick positive notes to the photos.

D. Posters were made of each selfie and auctioned off to raise money for a new school gymnasium

4. Cast members of a Piedmont Players production from 1979 recently visited a Catawba College rehearsal where the students are putting on the same show 36 years later. What is the show?

A. “Sound of Music”

B. “Finian’s Rainbow”

C. “Oklahoma”

D. “Guys and Dolls”

5. Which car dealership on Jake Alexander Boulevard is building a whole new facility?

A. Gerry Wood Honda

B. Auto House

C. Cloninger Ford

D. Team Auto Group

6. N.C. Rep. Harry Warren, R-Rowan, has introduced a bill called the Highway Safety/Citizens Protection Act. What has been a controversial proposal in the bill?

A. It calls for license checks at N.C. borders to identify illegal immigrants trying to come into the state

B. It would allow the state to issue a restricted driver’s permit to immigrants living in North Carolina illegally

C. It calls for mandatory checks of tractor-trailer shipments at highway weigh stations to make sure the trucks are not carrying illegal immigrants

D. It would refuse the issuance of a driver’s license to immigrants who have lived here less than five years

7. Beginning July, 22 third-year medical students from what university in North Carolina will begin training at Novant Health Rowan Medical Center?

A. Campbell

B. University of North Carolina-Wilmington

C. UNC-Charlotte

D. UNC-Greensboro

8. Tom McInnis, R-Richmond, is primary sponsor of Senate Bill 593, which originally set out a requirement that all professors in the University of North Carolina system teach a minimum of how many courses per year?

A. Six

B. Eight

C. 10

D. 12

9. The Planning Board has favored a special-use permit to allow Literary Bookpost to do what?

A. Sell coffee

B. Include a child-care component

C. Allow the sale of lottery tickets

D. Sell beer and wine

10. The “Cash Crop” exhibit at Waterworks Visual Arts Center in Salisbury focuses on what?

A. The different denominations of U.S. money from 1776

B. When tobacco was king in North Carolina

C. The trans-Atlantic slave trade

D. Rare coins


1. D. Towell and his wife, Sherry, went back to Indianapolis April 11 to thank the rescue workers who pulled him out of his overturned rig Oct. 15, 2013.

2. A. Adams, Hudson and Foxx all  have filed statements of candidacy for re-election in 2016 with the Federal Elections Commission. Clinton is an announced candidate for president in 2016.

3. C. The positive notes on the Selfie Project pictures were an effort to raise self-esteem among the students at Cannon School.

4. D. The last performance of “Guys and Dolls” at Catawba College will be at 2:30 today at Keppel Auditorium.

5. B. Auto House hopes to be in a new 25,000-square-foot building by the end of the year.

6. B. Warren has said the criticism mischaracterizes the intent of his bill, which would create a new Division of Motor Vehicles product with the restricted permit. It would not be a valid driver’s license, nor would it be a legal identification for North Carolina, Warren said.

7. A. Third-year medical students from Campbell University will start at Novant Health Rowan in July. Next year,  a total of 44 third- and fourth-year students will be doing clinical rotations at the hospital.

8. B. While the bill now calls for professors to teach at least eight courses a year, McInnis says he will soon rewrite it to provide for a lower course load for faculty members involved in research.

9. D. The bookstore wants to be able to sell beer and wine to enhance its business and be available for events such as book-signings.

10. C. “Cash Crop” relates to the 15 million people who were kidnapped from Africa and forced into slavery in the United States and elsewhere.