Yesterday: Mrs. Murdoch’s kindergarten class from 1941

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 13, 2015

Temple “Temp” Snyder, a former Salisburian who now lives in Brevard, says he has been wanting to share this ‘Yesterday’ photograph for a long time. It’s from Josephine Murdoch’s kindergarten class in Salisbury in September 1941, and he’s the third child, not counting Peter Rabbit, on the front row, starting from the left. Elizabeth Hanford Dole, who would become a U.S. senator from North Carolina, is the first child on the second row. One of Snyder’s classmates, Betty Dan Nicholas Spencer, helped the Post in identifying all the children. This photograph appeared in the Post Sept. 21, 1941, under a headline that said ‘Here are two dozen 1954 Boyden High School graduates.’ Many of the students, including Dole and Spencer, were 1954 grads, but several of the children were younger and graduated high school later. The children in the front row, left to right, are Bobby Snyder, the rabbit, Carla Warren, Temple Snyder, Jacquelyn McLarn, Bobbie Jean Washburn, Betty Wright Snyder, Cora Sue Loflin, Tommy Carlton and Joel Dobkin. Second row, left to right,  are Elizabeth Hanford Dole, Meetta Carlton, Lind Earle, Frank Overton, Haden Hurley, Patsy Ramsey, Peggy Jo Cress, Bill Robertson, Paul Whitlock, Mary Bern Wolfe, Wyndham Robertson and Betty Dan Nicholas Spencer, On the back row, left and right, are Betty Swaim and Jean Stanback. The kindergarten was located at 426 S. Church St.