Weekly quiz: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 29, 2015

1. What model vehicle crashed through the front entrance of Innes Street Drug last week?

A. Ford F-150 truck

B. Honda Accord

C. Toyota RAV-4

D. Cadillac SUV

2. At a community forum last week on economic development, Rowan County leaders heard about “cluster development.” What is it?

A. Recruiting companies that serve the same industry

B. An economic fiasco created when a county’s economy is not diversified enough

C. Picking compass points, then directing certain industries into those business zones

D. Bringing all the economic development into urban areas where the infrastructure is already in place

3. Former state legislator and Cabarrus County Commissioner Coy Privette, who died last week at 82, was probably best known at one time as president of what group?

A. The state NAACP

B. The N.C. Metropolitan Coalition

C. The John Locke Foundation

D. The N.C. Christian Action League

4. The wooden bleachers at Catawba College’s Goodman Gymnasium are being replaced as part of a major renovation. Where is the wood going?

A. Into the Rowan County landfill, much to the consternation of the Catawba College Center for the Environment

B. To a wood cabinetry class at West Rowan High School

C. To the town of Granite Quarry, where the maintenance department will use the wood as landscaping timbers in parks

D. To the N.C. Wildlife Commission, which plans to use the wood for building bridges along various hiking trails in the state

5. Daniel Truhitte, widely known for his role as “Rolf” in “the Sound of Music,” performed as a special guest at Lee Street Theatre Saturday night in Salisbury. What song from the movie is Truhitte most identified with?

A. “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”

B. “Climb Every Mountain”

C. “Edelweiss”

D. “The Lonely Goat Herd”

6. Rachel Judd and Bailey Walker purposely tied with each other in breaking a Hornets’ Nest Council record for the selling of Girl Scout cookies. How many boxes of cookies did each girl sell?

A. 1,500

B. 3,500

C. 5,500

D. 7,500

7. What would be the impact to all of the municipalities in Rowan County under the N.C. Senate’s proposed “Sales Tax Fairness Act”?

A. They would all lose revenues

B. They would all gain revenues, by at least 5 percent

C. They would not be affected

D. The individual municipalities would be allowed to go up or down on sales tax within their boundaries by 2 percent.

8. Kannapolis City Council has voted to proceed with a second-phase study to determine whether the city should locate a baseball stadium in the downtown. A Detroit consultant has said a downtown location would draw about how many fans per season?

A. 390,000

B. 670,000

C. 855,000

D. 1.1 million

9. Who will be the chairwoman of this year’s OctoberTour in Salisbury?

A. Nancy Clement

B. Barb Sorel

C. Gwen Matthews

D. Mary Goodman

10. Which of these Rowan churches on the recent Sacred Places Tour is said to be one of the mother churches of Lutheranism in North Carolina?

A. St. Paul’s Lutheran

B. Wittenberg Lutheran

C. Grace Lower Stone Reformed

D. Zion Organ Lutheran


1. D. The Cadillac’s driver thought she was backing out of a parking space in front of Innes Street Drug, but the car lurched forward instead, jumped the curb and went completely into the front of the drugstore.

2. A. Cluster development refers to recruiting companies that serve the same industry, such as Union County’s trying to attract companies related to aerospace.

3. D. Privette was a past president of the N.C. Christian Action League and also past president of the N.C. Baptist State Convention.

4. B. The discarded wooden bleachers from Catawba College are going to the woodworking shop of 45 students at West Rowan High.

5. A. Truhitte, who lives in Concord, was featured in the song “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” along with Charmain Carr, who played the role of “Liesl.”

6. B. By selling 3,500 boxes each, Judd and Walker broke the old Hornets’ Nest Council record, which was 3,378 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

7. A. While all Rowan County towns would lose sales tax revenues under the Senate proposal, Rowan County government would see a 44 percent increase in sales tax revenue by the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

8. A. Jason Thompson of Brailsford & Dunlavey of Detroit has estimated that a downtown Kannapolis stadium would attract 390,000 fans a season. Attendance at the existing minor league ballpark is 125,811 per year.

9. C. Matthews is charing the 40th anniversary OctoberTour of homes. She once was director of real estate for Historic Salisbury Foundation.

10. D. Zion Organ Lutheran near Rockwell, St. John’s Lutheran in Salisbury and St. John’s Lutheran in Concord were among the earliest Lutheran churches in North Carolina.