Scout’s Eagle project to provide hot water for Saving Grace Therapeutic Programs

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 29, 2015

Local Scout Joseph Dufour holds nothing back in taking on a major task to help Saving Grace Therapeutic Programs for his Eagle Scout project. Dufour’s project entails installing a hot water heater, water lines to a sink, and two concrete wash racks for the nonprofit, formerly called Saving Grace Farm. The project will allow the center to have hot water for client hand washing, caring for injured horses and feeding the horses warm mash when needed in the winter.

Jerry Dufour said his son chose this project because, “he wanted to contribute to helping those with special needs, first and foremost.”

“He also knew this would be a difficult and challenging project. He wanted this to be a project that would last for a long time. And he has a definite love for horses,” Jerry Dufour said. “Eagle projects should be a lasting reminder of a Scout’s real effort to do good. Since the Eagle is the highest rank in Scouting, it should be one of the hardest to get. He wanted to make certain that he was doing something substantial, that would take significant forethought, effort and time to achieve.”

Saving Grace Therapeutic Programs provides therapeutic programs for people with special needs, disabilities, veterans, seniors and those who have been through trauma. The organization is located in Salisbury and utilizes equine interactions to promote physical, mental, social, educational and emotional benefits. Instructors work with teachers, parents, doctors and therapists on goals and objectives, and incorporate them into the therapeutic horsemanship programs. The organization’s mission is to nurture mind, body and spirit through equine connection.

Dufour’s hot water project will be a major help to the organization in the coming years. Horses are extremely expressive and offer enormous benefits socially and emotionally for clients of all abilities. Physically, the movement of the horse emulates the human walk and can help riders improve balance and torso strength.   They are a powerful partner in this service, but are animals that need daily care, which occasionally includes soaking an injury or abscess, preparing warm mash, providing a warm bath, etc. And of course, warm water is best for client, volunteer and staff hand washing, especially on cool days.

“For years, the program volunteers and staff have had to carry heavy buckets to and from the barn,” said Janna Griggs, Saving Grace’s program director. “Joseph’s generous project will save countless hours, and volunteer and staff backs.”

Dufour has already begun heavily seeking donations to fund his project. Currently, he has raised over $3,300, but he needs approximately $2,700 more to reach his goal. The organization is asking for support from the community to help Saving Grace and Dufour complete this task. If you would be interested in helping Dufour and Saving Grace complete their project, visit them online at and look for the yellow button labeled “Hot Water Project.” You may also mail a check in to 565 Trexler Loop, Salisbury, NC 28144. Make checks payable to Saving Grace Farm and mention “Hot Water Project” or “Scout Project” in the memo line.