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Talkback: What online readers say about …

… With Ford, majority doesn’t always rule on voice votes

Rep. Luebke didn’t call for a show of hands before the vote, which is proper procedure. He didn’t because he knew he did not have the votes. so he and his four other supporters just yelled louder.

— Carl Ford

It seems simple enough. When a voice vote is unclear, a show of hands is called. One follows the other.

Logical. Codified. Cart follows horse.

“DIVISION — A method of voting; a request that members stand or raise hands to be counted when the outcome of a voice vote is unclear or in dispute.”

From The News & Observer:

“After the meeting, Ford said that it had been a close call. “I heard an almost equal sound,” he said. He noted that Luebke could have called before the vote for “division,” or a more specific count of the votes.

“Luebke said that Ford could have reconsidered the vote. Ford denied that he could have called for another vote.””

— Al Adersen

… Darts & laurels

Maybe the school system should not have acquired a piece of property for which they needed to be “rescued,” especially since they already owned land beside Isenburg Elementary where rescue operations would not have been required.

— Travis Allen

Hey! The election’s over. Maybe you should be more concerned about mending fences than with making political points.

— Pete Hoffman

Aren’t you (Travis Allen) on the school board now? This comment seems counter-productive, and the kind of stuff that divided the county/municipalities from making progress for years and years. …. There should have been a new central office building back when I went to Salisbury High, graduating in ‘06, not 2016.

— Korey Deese

Richard Monroe is a good businessman and a true philanthropist. He also cooks pork BBQ in a wood-fired pit, like God and nature intended. Thanks, Richard.

As far as “Mr. Downtown Exodus” Craig Pierce is concerned, maybe the past “Tea Party Commission” should have sent the Board of Elections to Mahaley like they voted to do in 2013 and not wasted our money.

— Todd Paris

Just for clarification, the North Main property transactions between the Board of Education, Mr. Shulenburger and Mr. Monroe were pure business ventures. The BOE gained a wanted but not needed parcel of land while the Shulenburger property sold at fair market value. For his investment, Mr. Monroe gained needed parking as well as a stream of lunch-time of customers.

— Chuck Hughes

Hmm. “Downtown exodus” sounds familiar.

Thirty-plus years ago Wallace profits from the sale of the mall land. Salisbury annexed my neighborhood, Millford Hills into the the tax paying city limits and then they outlaw cruising to push them to the new mall. One after another downtown stores closed the doors. News flash. Salisbury died a long time ago. … Salisbury has only their poor leadership to blame for the deterioration.

— Christopher Whitman

…Local DJ Aaron Sewell survived cancer through his love of music

Skip, I really didn’t know what you were going through. I am proud of your courageous, diligent commitment to succeed, both in returning to good health, as well as in the pursuit of your life work passion. I plan on visiting you in the near future, perhaps this summer.

I love you as my little brother, and I am inspired by your resilience and brilliance. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you.

— Warren Bailey

Great story, we’ve known eachother since kids, so it’s cool to fill in the blanks. A good dude then & now, peace.

— Chris Foreman

This was very inspiring to me. Thank you, Skip, for sharing your life’s ordeal. Also, this article was very well done. So much respect to the woman who did it; awesome job.

— Quentin Adams

Nice article about your huddle in life. As I have always said “When you get lemons you make lemonade” Much love, bro, and keep keeping on.

— Henry Akinnuoye

… Pet adoption event draws a big crowd at Southern States

The Adoption Event and Food Drive on Saturday was a day that a lot of us animal advocates/lovers have been waiting for. It was “proof” that if we come together, and work with our wonderful shelter staff, great things can happen for the homeless animals in our shelter. And isn’t that what we all want?

Congratulations to all the sweet animals that found a home. And thank you so much to everyone that put the animals first and pulled together to make this happen.

— Shelter Guardians

What a wonderful event! We cannot thank everyone who helped organize this and who came out to support us enough! The animals had a great time, got hours of attention and exercise out of their kennels. All in all it was an amazing day with some fantastic people!

— Rowan County Animal Shelter

At least one thoughtful groomer, Michelle Trivette, helped out with doggie shampoos and spiffy new haircuts for the occasion! Thanks, Michelle and everyone!

— Ron Turbyfill

Congrats to all of the animals who were adopted and to all of the families who have a new best friend!

— Rachel Lambert

… Last march of the elephants

Thanks to decades of efforts by PETA and others, the tide of public opinion has forever turned. People no longer find it “amusing” to see elephants, orcas and other animals kept in captivity and forced to perform silly tricks.

For elephants who are separated from their families, chained and beaten, retirement can’t come soon enough.

— Lucy Post

Mr. La Rue is right: It’s all about the Benjamins. Ringling isn’t doing this because they suddenly sprouted a conscience — they are doing it because more and more cities are banning bullhooks (the weapons used to beat elephants), which effectively prevented the circus from being able to go to those cities.

— Alisa Mullins

It would not be financially profitable for Kenneth Feld to retire the elephants in Florida to just live happily ever after.

I suspect, too, that Feld may eventually open up an Elephant Park to the public. Am sure he figures since these elephants are already trained ( forcibly) then why not make them earn their keep. Most likely if he goes this route, he will disguise this side-show as “conservation.” but make no mistake its business as usual for these abused elephants living unnatural lives of fear 24/7.

— Karen Bonadio

… Bitzer: Unforced political errors rooted in partisanship

A big difference in the two examples given here by Dr. Bitzer is that Democrat Hillary’s “error” revolves around hiding her actions from the general public, to cover up her actions as secretary of state, while the Republicans “error” was done openly, with no secrecy whatsoever.

— Steve Pender

Dr. Bitzer is correct. The blind arrogance of the 47 Republican senators motivated their attempt to scuttle any deal that promised to limit Iran’s nuclear potential. The open letter supposedly penned by Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton has the neo con fingerprints of his campaign donors, Bill Kristol of the Emergency Committee for Israel, who contributed nearly $1,000,000, is among them. …

I am disappointed with our two senators from North Carolina for signing the letter.

— Reginald Brown

When will voters see that both parties are the same? It continues to baffle me how blind liberals and conservatives are of the corruption and destructive partisan games of their champions.

— Cathy Mahaffey

… Concord man charged with helping teen run away

I am so relieved she was found and unharmed. I just wish these young kids would just realize the danger they put their self’s in when ever they get on the internet for anything. It isn’t just the girls it goes for the boys also.

— Sheila Safrit

Thank God she was found safe and alive. I wish we could say the same for Erica Parsons.

— James Lambert

… Warren drafts, files bill to change legislative term lengths

It seems the current system favors the big-money special interests, who have full-time lobbying firms raking in millions per year to keep up the pressure on legislators who are constantly looking for campaign funds for the next election.

— Jeff Morris

I can agree with Harry Warren’s idea that four years would allow a legislator to become more competent in their position. The only reason I would say to stay with the two-year limit is that it provides the opportunity to oust ineffective legislators quickly.

— Karen Puckett

I don’t see the voters passing this! People I talk to don’t think officals in office should be running for re-election anyway. How can one do two jobs at the same time effectively anyway?

— John Fink

… Forestdale Pool in Spencer remains a summertime retreat

Many great memories at Forestdale Pool! I learned to swim and took lifesaving classes there but spent most of my time on the sun deck. We had volleyball outside and pinball machines in the bath house. Lots of memories flooding back!

— Kyna Grubb



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