City partners with Salisbury Youth Council on stormwater initiative

Published 12:28 pm Thursday, March 26, 2015

City of Salisbury

The Salisbury Stormwater Services Division is partnering with the Salisbury Youth Council to protect water resources in the city and downstream by reminding everyone to never dump or allow anything other than rain to wash down storm drains, “Only Rain Down the Drain,” as the slogan states.

This week, weather permitting, the Youth Council will begin labeling unmarked storm drains with small round signs that say “No Dumping — Drains to River.” The signs will serve as a reminder that anything that makes its way into storm drains flows untreated directly to waterways and ultimately affects water quality and wildlife in and around our rivers and streams. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that pollution from stormwater makes up 40 percent of our nation’s water pollution.

Here are a few key points from the city’s Stormwater Services Division:

• Wash cars over grassy areas and use bio-friendly detergents or take vehicles to commercial car washes

• Never wash or dump waste, fats, grease, oils or chemicals down storm drains and
clean up oil spills and used oil

• Pick up any trash that can clog storm drains

• Clean up after pets as their waste can generate harmful bacteria

• Drain pools when chlorine levels are safe

• Follow proper lawn care practices. That includes sweeping up excess fertilizers and pesticides from sidewalks, driveways and roadways. Also refrain from blowing grass, clippings or leaves into the street as these cause algae growth which depletes oxygen needed for aquatic life to thrive.

The mission of the 23-member Salisbury Youth Council is to strive for a more positive community that is youth friendly, inclusive and diverse, fair and equal, livable for future generations and endowed with quality services for all citizens. They will begin their volunteer project in the Eagle Heights and Country Club Hills areas.